DX confident numbers won't matter

The countdown is on to the 5-on-2 Elimination Match between D-Generation X and the entire Spirit Squad at Saturday Night’s Main Event, July 15. Since it is an Elimination Match, if Triple H or Shawn Michaels are eliminated first, the other member of DX would be left to face all five members of the Spirit Squad.

For the last several weeks, DX has been making fools of the Spirit Squad, as well as Mr. McMahon, so the Squad is looking forward to another opportunity to take care of DX once and for all. WWE.com caught up with the Spirit Squad who had an original “cheer” to explain what they had planned for their match versus DX at Saturday Night’s Main Event.
“Here we go. No not solo!
But 5 on 2—DX we will screw!
Mr. McMahon.  We won’t let you down!
We’ll kick Shawn and Hunter all over town!
Goooooooooo Squad!”

Despite the fact that the Spirit Squad has yet to beat DX, Mr. McMahon seems to think the fabulous five-some has the advantage this Saturday. But a confident Triple H seems to think otherwise.

“I don’t think the Spirit Squad has the advantage, but if they think they do, good for them,” said Triple H. “I can guarantee this; the Spirit Squad is going to be in for a long night because we’re just going to get rid of them one at a time. And if Vince and Shane want to get involved, the more the merrier.”

DX has reason to be suspicious going into Saturday Night’s Main Event. The botched capture attempt with a net at this Monday night’s RAW was just the most recent attempt by Mr. McMahon and Shane to do whatever it takes to eliminate DX.

Triple H originally fell out of favor with Mr. McMahon back in May when he accidentally bludgeoned Shane with a sledgehammer. Mr. McMahon tried (unsuccessfully) to get Triple H to join the Mr. McMahon Kiss My Ass Club. Instead, Triple H slipped Shane a mood-altering mystery substance (actually intended for The Game) and Pedigreed the pantless Chairman.

Mr. McMahon retaliated by ordering the Spirit Squad to break Triple H’s neck, but Shawn Michaels came to the aid of his old friend before they could. After finishing off the Spirit Squad, Michaels and the Cerebral Assassin saluted Mr. McMahon with the signature DX crotch chop.

Since the reformation of DX, Mr. McMahon and Shane have made numerous attempts to take out the devilish duo. But DX hasn’t let it get them down. They’ve sent Mr. McMahon a rooster because they heard he loves cocks. They played dressed up as the CEO and his son while showing some old footage of a younger Mr. McMahon singing and dancing. They showered Mr. McMahon, Shane and the Spirit Squad in brown, clumpy Porta Potty waste. And they threw a tailgating party in the parking lot of Philadelphia’s Wachovia Center with “DX sized” foot-long weenies.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H always seem to be one step ahead of Mr. McMahon and Shane with their own bag of DX tricks. When asked if they had any tricks up their sleeves for Saturday Night’s Main Event, DX replied, “We don’t wear sleeves. We wear short sleeves or sometimes we cut the sleeves off.”

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