10 finisher combos that would level any WWE Superstar

10 finisher combos that would level any WWE Superstar

Mark Henry may ply his trade as one of the most powerful Superstars in WWE, but even The World’s Strongest Man can succumb to the power of three.

On the April 20 edition of SmackDown, Henry found himself on the wrong end of a trifecta of finishing maneuvers from his adversaries in the main event: Sheamus’ Brogue Kick, Big Show’s WMD and Randy Orton’s RKO. Henry managed to make it back to the locker room under his own power, but he begrudgingly left his dignity behind at ringside where the rival trio celebrated their hard-fought victory. ( WATCH | PHOTOS)

Multiple competitors playing “Pile on the Finishers!” can create insurmountable momentum at a lowly opponent’s expense. Sometimes, the momentum swings rapidly as it did between Team WWE and Team Alliance on the final SmackDown before the 2001 Survivor Series. ( WATCH) Other times, it turns against one competitor as it did for John Cena at No Way Out 2009. ( WATCH) In every instance, the colluding combatants can cost someone more than just their match.

What goes into the special mix of successive knockout blows? WWE.com, combining the ideas of its own editors and those of the WWE Universe by way of Facebook, examines 10 trios of signature finishers that could come together nicely in an impressive display of force … that is, unless you’re the unwilling recipient of these stunning finisher mixologies.

Trifecta name: “…In The Face!”

10 finisher combos that would level any WWE Superstar

Big Show’s powerful punch served as the middle maneouver in the SmackDown trifecta, but he could likely lead a series of strikes that would leave any rival facing immediate defeat.

The World’s Largest Athlete could take a hands-on approach with his trifecta by pairing his WMD with Santino Marella’s Cobra. With their adversary taking damage from all directions, Big Show and Santino could then introduce their big finale in the form of Mick Foley and, more importantly, Mr. Socko. Imagine the look on their sweatsock-sucking foe’s face afterward!

Trifecta name: “Iconic Annihilation”

10 finisher combos that would level any WWE Superstar

Every competitor that steps into a WWE ring arrives with a repertoire designed to weaken an opponent to the point where they are vulnerable to a knockout blow. The eras may change and the memories of past Superstars may fade, but the recipe remains the same.

To demonstrate the timeless quality of Superstar finishers, try this example of “Iconic Annihilation” on for size. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin leads off by showing some attitude to his opponent with a Stunner, while John Cena follows the notion with his own Attitude Adjustment. The momentum from their maneuvers would then turn back the clock as Hulk Hogan arrives to launch his signature leg drop on their lifeless foe.

Trifecta name: “Rhodes Show”

10 finisher combos that would level any WWE Superstar

Better knockout combinations come through chemistry, and what mix of finishers might produce better results than one bonded by family ties?

Surely, the patriarch of the Rhodes family can spark a series of blows that would vanquish any foe by leading the charge with his Bionic Elbow, while Golddust follows up on the weary opponent by connecting the Final Cut. Then, to make it a series of moves that the whole family can enjoy, father and son proceed to prop up their poor target in the moments before Cody Rhodes finishes him off with his signature Disaster Kick.

Trifecta name: “Divas Domination”

10 finisher combos that would level any WWE Superstar

Who says that the finisher mixology recipes only serve WWE’s boys clubs? A few Divas might take issue with that sentiment before taking out their frustration with a series of their own aggressive tactics.

Since Diva domination isn’t a new phenomenon in WWE, culling ideas from the past and present seems appropriate. Trish Stratus' signature Chick Kick comes to mind as a possible opener, if only for its impressive effect of knocking any rival senseless. That maneuver would let Beth Phoenix easily line up a dominating Glam Slam to leave the opponent laid out in the center of the ring – just as Eve takes to the skies to connect an Evesault for the win.

Trifecta name: “Feet of Fury”

10 finisher combos that would level any WWE Superstar

Some Superstars may not need a hand in creating a finisher combination that would enable anyone to take a big step toward WWE greatness, but they can often benefit from a little help when attempting to put their best foot forward.

Just ask Cody Rhodes, who can get a leg up on the competition with his signature Disaster Kick. That allows Kofi Kingston to capitalize on Rhodes’ opening as the Ghanian grappler then proceeds to create Trouble in Paradise. Of course, both Kingston and Rhodes would serve as the prologue to the key phase of this combination’s feet of fury – namely, when World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus finishes off the poor recipient with a brutal Brogue Kick.

Trifecta name: “Straight Edge Backdrop”

10 finisher combos that would level any WWE Superstar

The right mix of Superstar finishers can certainly create a championship combination. So what would happen if two reigning champions combined their efforts with the elbow drop of a WWE Legend?

How about setting up Randy Savage’s signature move with two brutal maneuvers that leave an opponent laid out in the middle of the ring? Primo & Epico’s Backstabber consistently do a devastating number on any rival, but CM Punk could join the title-worthy trifecta by contributing a GTS of his own. Then, the energy of the WWE Universe builds to a crescendo as the Straight Edge Superstar invites Macho Man to rain down from the top rope and onto their fallen foe.

Trifecta name: “Yes!-terday Meets Today”

10 finisher combos that would level any WWE Superstar

The majority of moves created from finisher mixology may level an opponent, but a clever combination can make the pain linger a bit longer.

WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart might struggle to get along with Daniel Bryan, but The Excellence of Execution would certainly pair well with ultra-assertive vegan’s grappling prowess. After calling upon X-Pac to deliver the X-Factor to soften up their adversary, Hart and Bryan could then settle in with their respective Sharpshooter and "Yes!" Lock to bring the pain to any opponent.

That is, if Bryan is willing to play well with others.

Trifecta name: “Getting Misty”

10 finisher combos that would level any WWE Superstar

John Cena frequently reminds his opponents about their inability to see him in the middle of battle, but what if his opponents literally can not see his next move coming?

That kind of blinding assault could give a cadre of competitors more than just the momentary boost that the Cenation leader derives from his signature taunt. It also sounds like a proven tactic of WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Fuji, who frequently used salt to temporarily blind any unlucky competitor. The green mist of Lord Tensai also bears a reputation of being a dangerous element of the Gaijin’s foreign arsenal, but what if Taijiri doubled down on Mr. Fuji's meddling with a green mist of his own?

Trifecta name: “Ego Crush”

10 finisher combos that would level any WWE Superstar

Three Superstars could easily back an opponent into a corner, so why not take finish off the outnumbered competitor while he’s still on the ropes?

An especially embarrassing combination of finishers could start as The Hurricane rains down on a rival with his signature Eye of the Hurricane. With The Hurricane’s tactics pushing his foe into the corner, that could allow Rikishi to step in and dole out a rather unpleasant Stink Face. As the patsy gasps for breath when Samoan Superstar relents, he likely would never see X-Pac’s Bronco Buster coming – and would likely see the lights dim as yet another finisher combination delivers a brutal knockout.

Trifecta name: “The 'Taker Trifecta”

10 finisher combos that would level any WWE Superstar

WWE.com sought out to uncover the best series of finishing moves that would level any opponent. Facebook user Travis D. Brown took that challenge further by coming up with all three options being delivered by one phenomenal Superstar.

Brown proposed an all-Undertaker combination by simply stating, “Chokeslam, Tombstone, and Hell's Gate.” Regardless of how he mixes and matches the order of that lethal combination, the effect of this 'Taker Trifecta is one that could keep The Deadman’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania safe for years to come.

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