Will Big Show be fired on Monday?

Will Big Show be fired on Monday?

The world's worst week?

Will Big Show be fired on Monday?

It’s been just about the world’s worst week for The World’s Largest Athlete.

To further his dismay, following the events of SmackDown, it’s conceivable that things are only going to get worse for Big Show Monday night.

On the May 7 episode of Raw SuperShow, Executive Administrator Eve caught the giant making fun of General Manager John Laurinaitis’ distinctive voice. As a result, Big Show was forced to issue a very public, very embarrassing apology. Eve refused to accept that apology, however, and launched into a vicious verbal assault on the former World Champion, telling the gigantic Superstar in no uncertain terms that there’s not much demand outside WWE for a 7-foot-tall, 441-pound, 40-year-old "freak." ( WATCH)

Then, four days later on SmackDown, the second that Big Show’s opponent, Daniel Bryan, trapped him in the “Yes!” Lock, Laurinaitis rang the bell, awarding the submission specialist the match without the giant ever tapping out. ( WATCH | PHOTOS)

Making it clear that he did not believe The World’s Largest Athlete’s apology from Raw, the GM reiterated Eve’s disparaging remarks about there not being much out there for a "freak" like him. He ordered Show to apologize again this Monday on Raw, adding that it "better be a damn good one."

If it's not, what may lie in store for Big Show?

Big Show vs. Big Johnny

Will Big Show be fired on Monday?

With this much heat now focused squarely on The World’s Largest Athlete, the WWE Universe is left to wonder what may come of the beloved giant when he faces his boss once again Monday night. There’s the very real possibility that Show’s apology will be met with the same scorn and derision as his past apologies. Furthermore, just how far will the oft-volatile GM go if he’s not satisfied with what Big Show has to say?

Just ask Teddy Long. He is well aware of how cruel Laurinaitis and Eve can be. In fact, their treatment of the highly respected former SmackDown GM begs the question — what cruelties might await Big Show if Laurinaitis doesn’t accept his apology? Long has been seen taking on all kinds of humiliating tasks backstage — might Big Show be next in line to do the dirty work? Maybe the giant will become Teddy Long’s assistant, helping out with demeaning jobs demanded by Laurinaitis. Possibly The World’s Largest Athlete will become Big Johnny’s personal “Showffeur” and drive the GM from arena to arena, trapped in a seat made for someone half his size.

There’s the chance that Big Show will be punished inside the ring, as well. Does a steady diet of Handicap Matches await the giant in the coming days? Or maybe a plethora of other bouts ill-suited to the giant’s skill set, such as ladder matches  or possibly a Mexican Death Match, where he would have to beat the clock back inside the ring after pinning his opponent somewhere in the arena.

On the other hand, it must be taken into consideration that Triple H is returning to Raw on Monday and it’s clear that The Game isn’t Big Johnny’s biggest fan.

What fate awaits The World's Largest Athlete?

Will Big Show be fired on Monday?

Is it possible that Laurinaitis has staged the entire "Big Show situation" in an effort to demonstrate to WWE’s COO that he is willing to work with his Superstars and that he’s reasonable? Doing so may improve the GM’s status in Triple H’s eyes, and simply help smooth out a rocky relationship.

However, on a similar note, Laurinaitis has been criticized for his handling of the Brock Lesnar situation, and some have accused the GM of being played by the former Superstar. It’s certainly within the realm of possibility that Laurinaitis will assert his authority with a vengeance when it comes to the matter of Big Show’s impersonations in an effort to show the WWE Universe that Big Johnny is still in charge.

If that’s the case, what will be considered severe enough punishment for Show’s actions? Will Laurinaitis take things one step further and flat out fire Big Show?

Find out Monday night on Raw SuperShow at 9/8 CT on USA Network!

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