Vickie Guerrero: The best choice for permanent GM?

Vickie Guerrero judges herself after her week as Interim General Manager: Exclusive, June 29, 2012

Vickie Guerrero claims the Board of Directors will make her permanent General Manager of Raw & SmackDown.

While some people like to play things close to the vest, others just can’t help but voice their every want and desire. The latter is definitely the case when it comes to Vickie Guerrero, as became abundantly clear this past week.

No one could ever accuse this week’s interim Raw and SmackDown General Manager of being subtle, and, true to form, Vickie once again showed her hand Friday on SmackDown. Announcing in no uncertain terms that it’s her goal to become the permanent GM of both shows, Guerrero alerted the WWE Universe to her long-term game plan.

Vickie, who cites both her prior experience in the role and her "creativity" while at the helm of the two shows, has time and time again shown a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the gig. In an attempt to curry favor with the WWE Board of Directors — who will ultimately make the final call when it comes to choosing the GM on the 1,000th episode of Raw — Vickie shared, in a exclusive video, what she gave the WWE group of head honchos to increase her chances at landing the desired position.

While WWE’s resident Cougar may not be the first choice among many members of the WWE Universe, Vickie just may be the person best suited to grab hold of the reins left idle in the wake of John Laurinaitis’ firing by Mr. McMahon at No Way Out. Guerrero’s resume certainly speaks to her ability to handle the GM role – having served in that capacity on both Raw and SmackDown in the past. So, perhaps she is the right woman for the job.

Vickie appears to be already accumulating the endorsements in her favor, as both Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan have publicly lauded her efforts. By that same token, however, The Showoff found out Friday night that even those on good terms with the would-be GM might not be invulnerable to her wrath. When Guerrero shockingly slapped Ziggler, she demonstrated the type of iron fist-like rule that she is capable of imposing while in a position of authority – a trait that may be necessary to successfully steering the dual-show ship.

Additionally, Vickie’s a proven decision maker, as made evident by the monumental Triple Threat Title Match she made for this week’s SmackDown main event. She certainly has no qualms when it comes to dealing with a dissenting fan base.

While she’s made no secret in her vying for the opportunity to take back both SmackDown and Raw as permanent GM, wanting and doing are two very different things. As such, the future of Vickie Guerrero – and the entire WWE roster, for that matter – will be uncertain until the Board makes its final decision.

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