United States Champion Rusev def. Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev: SmackDown, June 2, 2016

SmackDown hosts an international incident as The Real American battles longstanding adversary The Bulgarian Brute.

Before the match could even begin, United States Champion Rusev pounced on Jack Swagger like a rabid dog, knocking The Real American off the ring apron. Despite suffering a brutal beatdown before the bell sounded, a determined Swagger remained adamant about going through with the impending contest.

An embattled Swagger competed with plenty of pride, delivering a spirited fight to The Bulgarian Brute. Unfortunately, The Super Athlete’s Accolade submission maneuver proved to be unbreakable as the referee called for the bell. An unforgiving Rusev refused to break his devastating hold even after the referee called the contest, bringing Titus O’Neil storming out to send the foreign Superstar running.

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