Rhyno made an earth-shattering return on SmackDown Live

Rhyno made an earth-shattering return on SmackDown Live

Still in an uproar that he was the only Superstar in all of WWE not drafted last week (what a bummer to miss out on being Mr. Irrelevant, am I right?), Slater sneakily snuck onto SmackDown Live to protest, taking out a local competitor who was gearing up to compete. Slater demanded that he be signed immediately and inserted into tonight’s main event, thus making it a “Magnificent Seven-Pack Challenge.”

Shane McMahon came out to try and talk Slater down some, but the three-time Tag Team Champion simply could not be reasoned with. What occurred next, in basic terminology, was a GOOORRRRRRREEEE!

The Man Beast Rhyno reemerged on SmackDown Live, making a major impact by completely decimating Slater with his signature maneuver. Rhyno will join Shelton Benjamin as yet another hot free agent signing to the SmackDown Live brand. 

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