Will chaos create cash for SmackDown Live?

A returning Randy Orton RKOs Chris Jericho: WWE Battleground 2016

After Chris Jericho taunted a returning Randy Orton about his SummerSlam clash with Brock Lesnar, The Viper blasted Jericho with an RKO on a special edition of the "Highlight Reel": Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Another thing that may set SmackDown Live apart from the competition is the potentially catastrophic nature of those currently residing in its locker room. In addition to the unstable aforementioned WWE Champion, what about the likes of The Viper Randy Orton? Or the vicious Baron Corbin? Demon Kane? Are you kidding me?

Such a volatile group of Superstars might not even make it from the car to the front door without inciting a brawl. Have you ever heard of Bray Wyatt — now separated from Wyatt Family disciple Braun Strowman — to recruit peacefully? The point is, at the very least, the WWE Universe can look for the all-out bedlam week in and week out.

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