Wedding rap with the Ying Yang Twins

Wedding rap with the Ying Yang Twins

ATLANTA -- SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long and Kristal Marshall have some very special guests attending their wedding in the Philips Arena this evening -- among them, Kaine and D-Roc, the popular crunk-rap duo more commonly known as the Ying Yang Twins. Despite an upcoming album to promote and a jam-packed schedule to keep, the Atlanta-born recording artists had no intention of missing the biggest-ever season premiere of Friday Night SmackDown, or what's shaping up to be the wedding of the year.

"It's really something, being here to see Teddy Long get married," claimed Kaine, whose name bears the only resemblance to SmackDown's Big Red Monster. "He started out as a jacket collector, became a manager, then a referee, and now he's a big V-I-P in this industry! And he's marrying one of the hottest women on television. That's got to be a blessing."

An equally enthusiastic D-Roc admitted another reason why they came to see Long & Kristal's nuptials this evening. "We're old-school WWE fans," he said, "and I ain't gonna lie -- I was always an Andre the Giant fan, may he rest in peace."

"I'm a Hulkamaniac," Kaine added. "He was the first wrestler we ever met, and he told us that he appreciated our work. The greatest match I ever saw was between him and Ric Flair." The rap artist then breaks out his best "Nature Boy" voice: "‘Hulk Hogan! While you were taking your vitamins, I was wrestling legends like Harley Race! Thousand-dollar suits, pretty women…we're flyin' to the top of Space Mountain! Wooooo!'"

Undertaker and Batista join Flair on the duo's list of current Superstar favorites. "Batista's arm is the size of me and Kaine put together!" noted D-Roc as he spotted The Animal walking around the arena hallways. "And guys like The Great Khali and Big Daddy V…damn! If you think wrestlers look big on TV, they're way bigger in person. They make me and Kaine look like midgets!"

"Yeah, if we were in a Tag Team Match against any of them, we'd be ‘The Teeny Tiny Boys'!" Kaine agreed, summing up their probable defeat in such a contest with a loud, hand-clapped 1-2-3.

They may never win tag team gold inside the squared circle, but the Ying Yang Twins have certainly garnered multi-platinum success across the music charts. Kaine and D-Roc have sold more than 2.5 million albums worldwide, and are looking to top even those impressive numbers with their sixth studio release, due out later this year.

"The new album dropping soon is titled A.T.L. Hole, and the first single's "Wam-Boom-Bam," Kaine revealed. "We'll get it to the wrestlers [when it comes out]; it's got a good wam-wam-wam-boom-bam to it, and I hope they'll be into it, because I'm such a fan. It's almost got me shaking, meeting all these people."

Such a reaction may sound surprising to the legion of fans who'd love nothing more than to hang with the hip-hop megastars. D-Roc -- whose favorite movie to date is the John Cena action-starrer The Marine -- sees things differently. "WWE is one of the greatest forms of entertainment," he explained. "It's packed out, every time. There's no greater feeling than being part of this."

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