Special gifts for the bride and groom

Special gifts for the bride and groom

As the wedding date for General Manager Theodore Long and Kristal draws near, WWE.com caught up with several WWE Superstars and Divas to find out what they'll be giving SmackDown's happy couple.

"As Kristal's maid of honor, I've been helping my best friend prepare for her wedding, but she's been pretty stressed out lately," said SmackDown Assistant GM Vickie Guerrero. "So, one of the gifts I am giving Teddy and Kristal is a complete spa packages during their honeymoon. They're going to have massages, facials, manicures -- the works!"

Kristal's bridesmaids plan to keep with her Tiffany & Co. theme when it comes to wedding gifts.

"Michelle [McCool] and I are giving Kristal and Teddy a few things off their Tiffany registry," Torrie Wilson revealed. "I'm getting them the classic wedding Champagne flute glasses, and Michelle is giving them the wedding cake knife and server. I know Kristal's going to love both."

Before heading to the Superstars' locker room, WWE.com ran into -- and was nearly run down by -- SmackDown's Chuck Palumbo, who was riding through the arena hallway on his motorcycle.

"I'm giving those guys a gift card to Harley-Davidson.com," Palumbo said. "Kristal recently posed for the cover of African Americans on Wheels, so I think she might be into custom bikes."

Raw announcer Jim Ross pointed out that the couple who eats together, stays together, so he's giving the lovebirds a gift near and dear to his own heart (and stomach).

"When they return from their honeymoon, there will be a welcome home package full of food from J.R.'s Family Bar-B-Q for Kristal and Theodore," Ross smiled.

While in the Superstars' locker room, ECW's Matt Striker told WWE.com that he's giving the future Mr. and Mrs. Long the gift of knowledge.

"I know those online encyclopedias are all the rage these days, but nothing can top the original -- the Encyclopedia Britannica," he explained. "I hope they have sturdy bookshelves."

Matt Hardy plans on going with a more traditional gift -- something off the couple's Tiffany & Co. registry.

"Teddy and Kristal are truly a classy couple, so I'm thinking something classic from Tiffany -- like a crystal vase or a silver picture frame. Torrie said she'd help pick…" Hardy trailed off as fellow WWE Tag Team Champion MVP interrupted him.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, Matt. Since we're Tag Team Champs, I'm thinking we should give them a gift from the both of us," said the Ballin' Superstar.

Hardy clearly didn't buy what MVP was selling. "Whatever, man. I know you and Teddy aren't the best of friends, but you don't have to be cheap about it and go in on my gift. Spend your own money!"

With that, WWE.com decided to exit the Superstars' locker room. But just outside, we were spotted by Raw Diva Jillian, who insisted on telling us about her, um… unique gift.

"I am giving Teddy and Kristal an advanced copy of Britney Spears' new CD," she squealed. "It doesn't come out until Nov. 13, but since I'm Britney's biggest fan, of course I have a copy, and I think they're going to love it. Britney sounds just as awesome on the CD as she did at the VMAs!"

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