A maid of honor's advice

A maid of honor's advice
Behind every beautiful bride there is a maid of honor, assisting the soon-to-be-wed on her special day. SmackDown Diva Kristal is fortunate to have her best friend and confidant, Vickie Guerrero, as her maid of honor.

"I feel so lucky, and I am so honored to be such a special part of Kristal's and Teddy's big day on SmackDown," Vickie said. "I am Kristal's best friend, and she can trust that I will be there with her to support her through everything."

It has been a great year for Vickie, who in May was named Assistant General Manager of SmackDown by General Manager Theodore Long. Being the maid of honor in the upcoming wedding has been icing on the cake for her.

"Kristal and I have grown very close, and now that I am her maid of honor, I get to spend even more time with her," Vickie told WWE.com.

SmackDown's Assistant GM insists, however, that her happiness these days isn't so much for herself as it is for Kristal, especially as she and her "Teddy-licious" grow closer to saying their "I do's" in Atlanta Sept. 21. And to ensure the couple's continued happiness in the days ahead, she has one special request for WWE.com.

"I know you've tried contacting Kristal's mother and some of Teddy's family to get some details about the wedding, but I think they would appreciate it if you respected their families' privacy," she said. "Besides, this is their time to shine, so let's keep the spotlight on them!"

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