Jagged Edge is ready for a wedding

Jagged Edge is ready for a wedding

Jagged-Edge has been a steady sensation for almost a decade now. Mixing their soulful voices with a grittiness all their own, they have maintained their place atop the R&B world. The four-man group from Atlanta will add another accomplishment to their career when they perform in their hometown Friday on SmackDown at the nuptials of General Manager Theodore Long and Kristal.

Twin brothers Brian & Brandon Casey, along with Richard Wingo and Kyle Norman comprise the multi-platinum quartet, whose songs such as: "Let's Get Married," "The Way That You Talk," "Promise," "Where the Party At" and "Walked Outta Heaven" have skyrocketed to the top of the charts.

General Manager Theodore Long surprised his fiancée Kristal with the announcement that Jagged Edge would be singing at the wedding, but for Long the choice seemed a perfect fit -- Jagged Edge and Theodore Long are natives of Atlanta. The Casey brothers see it as a perfect fit as well. "We are all very excited for this opportunity," said Brandon. "To perform in front of a WWE crowd in our hometown is something special for all of us." Brian continued, "It truly is a blessing. We are ATL boys, and to be part of this event and to have it in Atlanta is great, especially because we are fans."

Brandon echoed his brother's sentiments and talked about being a WWE fan. "Man, we have been fans since the Hulk Hogan days; we love Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair because we grew up on those guys. I'm a dedicated fan of wrestling. And looking at my nephews now, they look like I did as a kid with their love for WWE. Wrestling has come a long way. WWE is just on top of the world."

Being on top is something Jagged Edge is used to. With their newest release, The Baby Makin' Project set to hit stores Sept. 25, the first single from the album, "Put a Little Umph In It," has been blazing the airwaves across the country. Beyond their multi-platinum records and hit singles, the group is one of the few survivors of the R&B influx of the late '90s.

"We are blessed to still be here," said Brandon. "When we first came on the scene there were a lot of R&B groups. You had 112, Dru Hill, the whole nine. We are just like the last band standing. We just want to put out good records for all our fans, nothing too racy, nothing too raunchy. Our music is just suggestive. Baby Makin' Project is just good mood music."

That formula has worked as Jagged Edge's success in the music industry speaks for itself. "Our success is only based on the support of our wonderful fans," said Brian. "Without their love we would have never kept going in this industry, and for that we love you all."

Now, Jagged Edge will bring that special soulful sound to the season premiere of Friday Night SmackDown and one of the biggest events in WWE in recent history -- the wedding of SmackDown's General Manager Theodore Long and SmackDown Diva Kristal. 

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