Whatever It Takes

The King of the Ring Tournament resumes on SmackDown tonight as Finlay takes on Chris Benoit in the final opening round match. These two competitors have a lengthy history with each other, and whatever animosity there is between them will come to a head tonight. Whoever survives will get the opportunity to move on to the next round to face Lashley. Earlier this afternoon, WWE.com caught up with Finlay in the locker room to get his thoughts on the match.

Before we could ask Finlay a question, he had a few choice words for WWE.com. "Is this some kind of interview where you expect me to give you my game plan, because if that's the case, you either think I'm an idiot, or you're an idiot yourself," said a tense Finlay as he began to walk away. WWE.com was quick to assure the Irishman that we only wanted a few brief pre-match comments, so he reluctantly agreed to go forth with the interview.

Regarding his opponent, Finlay offered a few short thoughts, before promptly turning the attention back to himself. "You know Benoit, you've seen him wrestle. He's a warrior, he's a cyborg, he's a rabid wolverine, or at least he thinks is…" continued Finlay. "But let me give you a little inside information on me, I'm not above taking shortcuts." Finlay went on, making it clear he wasn't afraid to bend the rules if he had to. "That's exactly what's gonna happen, I'm gonna bend the rules, I'm gonna take shortcuts, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to move on in this tournament and become King of the Ring," an increasingly irate Finlay explained.

The Irishman believes that he has a distinct advantage in his match with Benoit. "I've been around this business a lot longer than him. I've had more fights than Chris Benoit has had hot meals. I know how to win, if you catch my drift, and that's exactly what I'm going to do in this tournament."

So what would it mean to Finlay if he won the King of the Ring? "It means I'm the King of WWE, which is only fitting because I am the ultimate wrestler. I've fought every day of my life, and I deserve to be, and I will be the King of the Ring."

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