Ready for Anything

The final opening round match in the King of the Ring tournament will go down tonight on SmackDown as Chris Benoit takes on the unpredictable Finlay. The two brawlers, who share similar styles, have fought for championships in the past, but they have never competed for something as prestigious as the King of the Ring Tournament. Moments ago, spoke with the Rabid Wolverine to get his thoughts heading into tonight's contest.

Before getting started with the questions, Benoit was updated with comments from his opponent, Finlay, as told to earlier this afternoon. When told that Finlay was not going to shy away from ‘bending the rules', the Rabid Wolverine was not surprised. "When you deal with someone like Finlay, you have to expect anything and everything. He's an Irishman with a temper, and he's proved time and time again that he will do anything to win a fight. If you underestimate Finlay, it will be your biggest mistake. You have to be prepared for the unexpected," explained Benoit.

Unlike his irritated opponent, Benoit was not afraid to discuss his game plan. "My strength is a technical style of mat wrestling, and I know what Finlay wants to do, so I'm going to try to keep him on the mat." However, Benoit knows that thing could get out of hand at any time. "Like I said, when you deal with a guy like Finlay who can lose his temper at the drop of a hat, anything can happen. If it turns into a free-for-all, I will be prepared."

For Chris Benoit, winning the King of the Ring would be an important stop on his way back to the top of the SmackDown hill. "Ultimately, I hope to once again become the World Heavyweight Champion, and winning the King of the Ring is a great way to start my climb back up the ladder."

The rivalry between these men has stood the test of the time, and another chapter will be written tonight on SmackDown.

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