Stealing a page from VH1's playbook

So you're looking at the column title, and you're probably thinking "oh boy, is this going to be a column about I Love the 80s?" Not so fast. Let's face it folks, the best thing to come out of that decade was Louie Dee. *ahem* Anyway, I do watch several of the quality programs on VH1, and I'm especially fond of that Best Week Ever show. And you know what? This week's winner is right here in World Wrestling Entertainment. Is it Batista, No. 1 on the POWER 25 this week? Or maybe Ric Flair, who got his wish at Taboo Tuesday and beat Triple H in the cage? Or is it you the fans, who get another Dee-lightful commentary to read? No, my friends, the answer is Theodore Long and the entire SmackDown brand...and if you don't feel me playa, the facts here won't lie.

Fact: SmackDown has made RAW its bitch since WWE Homecoming. They're everywhere, and they came up big again at Taboo Tuesday. In the opening match, Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio embarassed Eric Bischoff by defeating Snitsky & Chris Masters on their own turf. And then, later in the night, Batista stepped up to the plate and beat Coach in a Street Fight...well, not just Coach, but Vader and Goldust as well. Hell, as much of a badass as Batista is, you could've thrown in Gangrel, Steve Blackman, a 7th round draft pick and a player to be named later, and The Animal still would've come out on top. Any way you slice it, you can't get much better than 2-for-2.

Fact: RAW's trash is SmackDown's treasure. One month ago, Matt Hardy was on RAW, battling Edge in a Loser Leaves RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Obviously, he lost, but Theodore Long was right there to snatch him up. And who was one of the biggest SmackDown warriors at Taboo Tuesday? Matthew Moore Hardy himself. Eric Bischoff was more than willing to just get rid of him, but apparently he was blind. Theodore Long wanted him, and the fact that he got the highest vote total from the fans for the RAW vs. SmackDown match proves that they still love him. One has to wonder exactly what Bischoff was thinking. And to compound matters, Edge basically wussed out of the match. He can say whatever he wants, and claim that he has nothing left to prove; the fact of the matter is that Edge abandoned his brand, while Matt Hardy still went out and fought for something he believes in, the blue and silver of SmackDown.

Fact: Some would say that SmackDown is the "inferior" brand to RAW. JBL said as much on Byte This! not too long ago, and you know everyone RAW will agree. So what has SmackDown done about it? Well, it started at WrestleMania 21 when Undertaker and then-SmackDown star Kurt Angle won both inter-promotional matches. A few months later, they invaded RAW and forced Eric Bischoff to shut them down at WWE Homecoming. They just went 2-for-2 again at Taboo Tuesday, and under Theodore Long's guidance, there's no telling what's next. Hey, can YOU name another show that features a Wrestling God, matches that are too hot for network TV, and a man who owns three consecutive victories over Triple H? Exactly.

Fact: SmackDown's ratings are through the roof. Chances are, you've seen this little article elsewhere on the Internet. Bottom line is that on Halloween weekend, SmackDown pulled in its largest audience of the season, and has doubled UPN's Friday night ratings. Between that success and the New Talent Initiative that's brought you the Junior Division and the Boogeyman, SmackDown is a ball of fire right now. Is it truly "TV That's Changing Friday Nights?" In the words of Roddy Piper, YOU DAMN BETCHA, MAN! Lately, they've been changing Monday nights as well, and at Eric Bischoff's expense, Tuesdays just got a dose of SmackDown to boot. Taboo Tuesday, that is.

I got a chance to thug and bug with Theodore Long right before Taboo Tuesday, and I asked him what he thought about this whole situation. Teddy looked at me (I can call him Teddy, we're tight like that), and he said "Louie Dee, playa, SmackDown is on a roll, and we're gonna take down RAW one piece at a time until everybody recognizes that SmackDown is the place to be. Believe dat, playa."

The man's been in the business for like three decades, I'd take his word for it.

So there you have it, SmackDown is having the best week ever, which I'd fully expect to happen again next week, and the week after, and so on. Come to think of it, many consider RAW to be WWE's flagship program. A couple more weeks for SmackDown like this past one, and I might have to debate that.

Before I go, I have one last SmackDown related note I'd like to touch upon, and just as a warning, this is the only time you'll see Louie Dee pull back the curtain a little bit. Earlier this week, Christian decided to quit World Wrestling Entertainment. Wednesday night on Byte This!, Todd Grisham read a quote from Christian where he said that there were several personal reasons for his decision.  

In the height of my days as a wrestling fan, Edge and Christian were the hottest ticket in town. And I, like many others, got caught up in the E&C craze. There may or may not be pictures somewhere of one eventful Halloween, where Louie Dee and his buddy dressed up as E&C as a goof. Regardless, even into the present, I was one of those who would pop the loudest when the sounds of Waterproof Blonde hit the arena, and the former Captain Charisma would come strolling out to perform for his fans. There are still a lot of us out there, Christian, so if you read this, remember one thing: the Peepulation will always remain strong. And if and when we see you again someday, we'll be right behind you, cheering you on to victory. No matter what, you've always got the Peeps, brother.

And if I can, to quote one more pop culture icon...that's all I have to say about that. Someone around here get me an email address already, so I can hear what the fans have to say.

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