'No Way Out' of being fired?

'No Way Out' of being fired?

A shocking scene played out in front of the WWE Universe on the June 11 episode of Raw SuperShow. Mr. McMahon had just informed Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Raw and SmackDown General Manager John Laurinaitis that if Big Show loses his Steel Cage Match against John Cena at No Way Out, the oft-maligned executive would be fired.

Then, the unthinkable happened and the war of words was capped off with a bang.

When the giant right hand of The World’s Largest Athlete connected squarely with Mr. McMahon’s forehead, the WWE Universe let out a collective gasp as The Chairman laid motionless in the middle of the ring. Whether the punch was intentional or not, Big Show’s leveling of Mr. McMahon set into motion a week of monumental moments, as Superstars and authority figures alike brace for No Way Out Sunday.

The ramifications of the punch heard ’round the WWE Universe were certainly felt Friday night on SmackDown when John Cena arrived in Manchester, N.H., primed to return the favor. Cena came itching for a fight and scoured the arena in search of Big Show. But his efforts were for naught as John Laurinaitis informed the Cenation leader that he sent The World’s Largest Athlete home. Big Johnny then dropped another bomb: Per the WWE Board of Directors, the main event Sunday night will take place no matter what.

That was all Cena needed to hear; the Cenation leader came to SmackDown with an itchy trigger finger, just looking to punch someone — and Big Johnny happened to be standing right in front of him. Ever ready with an escape plan, though, Laurinaitis was quick to point out that if Cena lays his hands on him and if Big Show is victorious Sunday night, his first act in his continuing role of GM would be to fire Cena.

After taking a moment to think about the possible consequences, Cena came to the conclusion that some guys just need to be punched in the face. The Cenation Commander-in-Chief laid out Big Johnny and sent a clear message about his predictions come Sunday night.

No matter who emerges victorious from the steel cage, though, one thing is set in stone — one way or another, someone is getting fired as a result of the match. Whether that person will be John Laurinaitis or John Cena is left to be seen.

For his part, Big Show has promised a "calculated, deliberate and uncomfortable" attack on Cena Sunday night at No Way Out. Will the words of The World’s Largest Athlete ring true? Or can the Cenation leader rise above the giant’s rampage and, in the process, end John Laurinaitis’ reign of “People Power”? Find out this Sunday, at 8 ET/5 PT, only on pay-per-view.

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