Kalisto faces Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin will not enter the arena until it's time to obliterate Dolph Ziggler: SmackDown, June 2, 2016

The Lone Wolf plans retribution, following The Showoff's Raw assault.

In a classic speed vs. size matchup, Kalisto will battle the much larger Baron Corbin on SmackDown. While on paper, the odds seem stacked against the King of Flight, the high-flying luchador is no stranger to overcoming larger foes. But can he defeat the unrelenting Corbin?

The Lone Wolf has been embroiled in a rivalry with Dolph Ziggler where nothing has been off-limits, even hitting below the belt. With Corbin predicting last week on SmackDown that he won’t enter an arena until it’s time to obliterate Ziggler, will we see the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion make an appearance? Or was Corbin’s warning enough to scare off The Showoff?

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