Does “banking” on The Showoff make good fiscal sense?

Does “banking” on The Showoff make good fiscal sense?

In the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a World Heavyweight Championship Contract, Dolph Ziggler reigned supreme over seven other Superstars and claimed the invaluable prize. ( FULL STORY | PHOTOS) With 365 days to cash in his golden opportunity, The Showoff hopes to take his career to the next level and capture the illustrious World Title that proud champion Sheamus presently holds.

As Ziggler explained on Raw SuperShow July 16, he is self-assured and optimistic about his chances at wearing WWE title gold, ( WATCH | PHOTOS) as all the previous Superstars to cash in Money in the Bank contracts accomplished the lofty feat of becoming World Champions. However, when it comes to his odds at successfully cashing in his contact, “banking” on The Showoff is not necessarily a sure thing.

Sure, Ziggler is one of WWE’s most athletic and impressive Superstars. Sure, his incredible talent was on full display at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view — with Ziggler being launched all around the squared circle over tables, ladders and fellow competitors alike. Sure, the blond-coifed Showoff has “potential champion” written all over him.

But there are several significant roadblocks on Ziggler’s path to the title. Chief among these is a 6-foot-4, 270-pound brawler who hails from Ireland and likes nothing more than a good donnybrook. Current World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus — who has brawled his way through every challenger he’s faced — is one of the toughest Superstars in WWE history. Any road to the title passes through the Superstar with a shock of red hair as fiery as his temper.

Ziggler has been on the receiving end of Sheamus’ notorious fury on multiple occasions. The Showoff has had plenty of chances to sink The Great White — in title, non-title and even mixed tag team matches. But despite pushing Sheamus to the limit — and beyond — on several occasions, thus far he has come up short. Ziggler simply has not proven he can defeat Sheamus in a one-on-one match.

Luckily, with his guaranteed contract, he has the ability to use timing to his advantage, to choose his moment to challenge Sheamus — or whoever the champion may be, since Ziggler can wait until July 15, 2013, if he chooses. Most past Money in the Bank winners bided their time and waited for a weakened champion before choosing to strike. On Sunday, July 15, Ziggler appeared to be doing just that, but things did not go as planned for Mr. Money in the Bank.

As Sheamus celebrated his title defense victory over Alberto Del Rio at U.S. Airways Center in Phoenix, The Mexican Aristocrat and Ricardo Rodriguez sought revenge and attacked The Great White, prompting Ziggler to return with his newly-won contract. Before Ziggler could officially cash it in for a title match with the downed champion, Sheamus took advantage of a distraction from Del Rio and nailed Ziggler with a devastating Brogue Kick. ( FULL STORY | PHOTOS) It was a stinging reminder to both The Showoff and the WWE Universe that any time a Superstar challenges Sheamus — regardless of time and place — they are in for a fight.

When Dolph Ziggler said he was going to make history, he probably wasn’t thinking it could be as the first Money in the Bank winner to unsuccessfully cash in his contract. Time is on his side, but that might not be enough to carry the opportunistic contender to the World Heavyweight Championship. After all, someone has to be the first Mr. Money in the Bank to come up short. Will The Showoff’s quest end in disappointment? Or is the bearer of the blue briefcase indeed too “Zig” to fail?

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