SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley def. Nikki Cross

Shayna Baszler spoils Bayley’s victory with post-match attack: SmackDown, Nov. 1, 2019

After Bayley successfully defends her title against Nikki Cross, Shayna Baszler emerges with an attack on the SmackDown Women’s Champion and Sasha Banks.

Bayley was more than up to the challenge of Nikki Cross, but she wasn't ready for the wrath of Shayna Baszler.

The SmackDown Women's Champion overcame a valiant effort by Cross to retain her title — with thanks due to close ally Sasha Banks

Cross nearly scored the upset victory with several near-falls, seemingly overwhelming Bayley with her initial aggression. WWE's Twisted Sister had been on a roll in recent weeks with multiple victories, including one in a Six-Pack Challenge two weeks earlier to earn this very title opportunity. The numbers game proved too much for Cross, though, with Banks interfering a second time at ringside to allow Bayley to hit an innovative twisting facebuster for the pinfall victory.

​​​Bayley didn't have long to bask in the glow of her win, however, finding herself ambushed by Baszler immediately after the NXT Women's Champion took down Banks.

After overpowering Bayley with a gut-wrench dominator and dropping her with a vicious kick, The Queen of Spades made her exit, leaving wreckage in her wake. 

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