A double-take on WWE doppelgangers

A double-take on WWE doppelgangers

WWE.com attempts to bring the soaring controversy of two Sin Caras back to stable ground, showcasing several of WWE's famous impostors from the past.

The “Demons” of Death Valley: In the 1994 Royal Rumble, then-WWE Champion Yokozuna trapped The Undertaker inside a coffin to end their high-intensity Casket Match. The legendary Phenom appeared to be gone for good, until he mysteriously appeared on the TitianTron and declared to the WWE Universe that he would rise again.

When WrestleMania X rolled around, it looked as if his chilling prophesy had come to pass. There, “Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase - ironically, the very Superstar who first introduced The Undertaker to the world at the 1990 Survivor Series - brought the ominous Superstar to the ring once more. The only catch was, it was not The Undertaker at all, but rather a horrific pretender to his dark throne. Eventually, the true Demon of Death Valley would reemerge, making his Deadman doppelganger rest in peace with three Tombstones at SummerSlam 1994.

embedcolon25035186Double Doinks: To say that Doink the Clown was always up for a good laugh was a hilarious understatement. Nevertheless, during his WrestleMania IX battle with former Superstar Crush, the zany master of mayhem opened up a three-ring circus of deception that knocked his opponent silly and left him seeing double. Just when it looked as if his Show of Shows confrontation might give the clown's fierce adversary the last laugh, he disposed of the referee (OOPS!), opening the door for a second, identical Doink to emerge and double the fun! The felonious would-be jokester proceeded to incorporate his own practical joke on pain, walloping Crush with a prosthetic arm and setting up the first Doink to achieve his happy victory once the referee had come to. Sad face.

embedcolon25035184Impostors on the“Edge”: Some say love can double the quality of your life. Well, how about tripling it? Such was the case for Edge at Armageddon 2007. Several weeks earlier, The Rated-R Superstar had returned to WWE, stunning the WWE Universe by professing his feelings for Vickie Guerrero. Backed by the power of his newfound bliss, The Ultimate Opportunist entered a high-profile World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match against reigning champion Batista and The Undertaker. In the midst of their epic showdown, Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder emerged to tip the scale in Edge's favor, both posing as The Rated-R Superstar. The "dual"-ing strategy more than did the trick, stacking the deck against The Master Manipulator's opponents and helping him run away with the World Title in his grasp.

embedcolon25035188The Devil's Favorite Duo: There was a time when Kane - one of the most terrifying Superstars in WWE - became completely tormented by the coming of the date May 19 – the moment in history in which his family had perished in a fire. But, this haunting fear was nothing compared to the horror that consumed The Big Red Monster when he came face-to-face with a second Kane on the May 29, 2006 episode of Raw. The intimidating figure appeared before him, wearing the very same mask and clothing that Kane had worn when he debuted in WWE to confront his brother The Undertaker years before. Forced to face his fear, The Devil’s Favorite Demon would rebound to conquer his counterpart on the June 26 episode of Raw, throwing the impostor out of the arena after reclaiming his mask.

embedcolon25035189The Hebner Incident: On Feb. 5, 1988, Dave Hebner was the scheduled referee in the WrestleMania III WWE Title rematch between champion Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant during WWE's NBC special “The Main Event.” However, what the WWE Universe didn't realize was that Dave’s twin brother Earl had taken his place, thereby putting the fate of WWE's most illustrious accolade in his deceptive hands. The impostor “Dave Hebner” ultimately cheated The Hulkster out of the gold, hitting the three-count on Hogan after he had clearly lifted his shoulder off the canvas. The Eighth Wonder of the World did not hang on to the WWE Title for long, notoriously surrendering it to the laughing “Million Dollar Man.” Despite the fact that the damage had been done, Hogan got some small satisfaction, hurling Earl Hebner out of the ring, and onto DiBiase and company.

embedcolon25035187Twin Magic:  The beautiful Diva Brie Bella entered the competitive ranks of WWE in Aug. 2008 and instantly became the center of controversy. It seemed that any time the femme fatale was in trouble, she would disappear under the ring, mysteriously reemerging moments later with revived energy that would carry her to victory. However, it wasn't long before the true source of her "magic" was discovered. The WWE Universe was shocked to learn that Brie's unknown twin Nikki had been waiting under the ring during her matches, posing as her sister when things got too hot for Brie to handle. Even after the truth was made public, The Bella Twins would often use their “Twin Magic” to pull several deceptive wins out of their hats.

embedcolon25034171Simultaneous Sin Caras: On the Sept. 16, 2011 edition of SmackDown, Sin Cara’s post-match assault on Daniel Bryan was interrupted by … Sin Cara? Just moments after the supposed one-of-a-kind masked Superstar had unleashed his incredible arsenal of gravity-defying maneuvers against Bryan, a second Superstar suddenly emerged, dressed exactly like the Sin Cara in the ring, and exhibiting the same incredible movements. With the extreme impostors that have come before, how will things pan out between these dual warriors?

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