U.S. Champion Kevin Owens warns Tye Dillinger on Twitter

Kevin Owens and Tye Dillinger

Intentionally or not, Tye Dillinger appears to have gotten under the skin of United States Champion Kevin Owens.

Last weekend, The Perfect 10 joined NXT on its tour of the West Coast, marking the final (final) chapter of his storied NXT career. While in San Diego on the last night of the tour, Dillinger took a moment to thank the NXT fans for their continued support — at which point the NXT faithful directed unsolicited chants of “U.S. Champ” toward the SmackDown LIVE Superstar. With a smile on his face, Dillinger acknowledged the NXT Universe’s input, telling Owens, “I’m coming to see you,” before finishing his heartfelt farewell speech.

Although The Perfect 10’s supporters in San Diego heartily endorsed the comment, The Prizefighter seemed anything but pleased, issuing a terse response on Twitter:

The exchange might not lead to a title match anytime soon, but it does underscore two facts: One, Dillinger’s fans have high hopes for The Perfect 10 on Team Blue, and two, The New Face of America is always itching for a fight.

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