Kevin Owens goes dark on Twitter in protest of AJ Styles' U.S. Title reign

Styles & Cena & Owens & Rusev

AJ Styles has now done two things nobody thought would be possible: Defeat Kevin Owens for the United States Title at a WWE Live Event and get the better of The Prizefighter on Twitter.

Owens, whose Twitter has been a treasure trove of savage rebukes to his haters since the day he appeared in WWE, has gone dark in protest of The Phenomenal One’s reign as United States Champion.

Of course, the unspoken caveat is that if and when Owens regains the title, his Twitter would likely rumble back to life as well. So, for Owens’ naysayers who decide to trash-talk on July 23 during WWE Battleground, you better hope he doesn’t win. Because he might just start answering back again.

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