Corey Graves goes after “Bitter” Big E on social media

Corey Graves

Anything can happen in WWE — even pencil injuries.

Before Big E battled The Miz on Tuesday night’s SmackDown LIVE, the pancake-loving powerhouse tossed his ring jacket in the direction of Corey Graves, causing the tip of Graves’ pencil to become lodged in The Savior of Misbehavior’s palm.

Graves, already disgusted by The New Day’s breakfast-tossing tendencies, took to social media this week, demanding that E be “brought to justice.” 

E replied to Graves with a simple but effective GIF. 

This morning, Graves hit an apparent snag during his #PencilGate crusade — namely that Big E does not have a last name. 

Will “justice” be served, or simply more pancakes? 

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