JBL reigns supreme in SmackDown! Championship Series

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND -- JBL swore he was going to do it. In fact, he even guaranteed victory. Thursday night, his promise came true. Out of the six Superstars who entered the SmackDown! Championship Series the week after WrestleMania 21, only one man remains, and that's John "Bradshaw" Layfield.
Just four weeks removed from his WWE Championship loss to John Cena, JBL believes he's back in the swing of things, as he became the new number-one contender for the WWE Championship, which he held for nearly ten months. After a questionable contract issue, JBL had to earn his title opportunity. And now that he's done so, he feels as though he is right back where he belongs.
"This is one more night in JBL's career," explained the 6-foot-6, 290-pound New Yorker following his victory in the Fatal Four-way. "The odds are always stacked against me. I mean I've overcome all kinds of obstacles over the past year. I overcame a Frog Splash off the top of a cage, I overcame a Tombstoned on steel stairs, I've been chokeslammed more times than I can remember, and I've gotten black eyes, broken noses, and busted lips more time than I care to count. So for me, this was my latest obstacle, and much like Sir Edmond Hillary climbed Mount Everest, I overcame it. I overcome all odds, because of the simple fact that I just don't quit."
After defeating Rey Mysterio in the first round, JBL qualified for the finals of the tournament, which was supposed to be a Triple Threat Match between he, Kurt Angle, and the winner of Booker T vs. Big Show. But last week, Angle and JBL interfered in  Booker and Big Show's contest, causing both of them to advance, and make SmackDown! from Birmingham's main event into a Fatal Four-way instead. Thursday night, Angle was dominant, disposing of Big Show by Angle Slamming him through a table, and then taking Booker T out with a steel chair. But just as it appeared the Olympic gold medalist was about to run the gauntlet, the five-time WCW Champion returned to the ring, and returned the favor by bashing a steel chair over Angle's head, allowing JBL to capture the pinfall.
When questioned on the nature of his victory, JBL bragged about the end result.
"A win's a win," said JBL "You can talk about the sun being in your eyes, your shoe being untied, your mama not being raising you right, or your daddy being gone -- you can gripe and complain about your environment or anything. But it doesn't matter, because a win is a win. That's the bottom line. I don't complain when I lose, but then again I rarely ever do lose. So why don't you go over to the loser's locker room right now, and ask them what excuses they have? I guarantee that they'll have many, but I have none, and that's because I'm a winner."
  JBL believes that this time around he will fully prepared for what the West Newbury, Mass. native brings to the plate. JBL, who still carries the same WWE Championship, that he lost to Cena four weeks ago, is confident that his upcoming rematch will be greatly different from the results of April 3rd.
"I'm going to beat the damn hell out of Cena this time," promised JBL. "That's what's going to be the difference between my rematch and WrestleMania 21. Cena is a one-hit wonder. He's like Vanilla Ice, and James "Buster" Douglas. He beat me because he happened to catch me with a lucky punch, and that's the only reason why.
"John Cena's a horrible representative of WWE, and a horrible champion," he continued. "I on the other hand am a wrestling God. I'm the image of class in WWE. Anyone who walks around in short pants, wearing their stupid little "bling bling" crap, and listening to that hip-hop music, isn't what I'd call champion. I hate hip-hop, and I hate John Cena, and when I wrestle him in this rematch, I'm going to beat the damn hell out of him, plain and simple."

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