If JBL was hoping to scare, or even soften up WWE Champion John Cena before their much-anticipated rematch this Sunday at Judgment Day, he was out of luck.

Cena overcame both Bashams in a Handicap Match and even ignored JBL's ringside antics Thursday on SmackDown! The impressive victory ended with Cena and JBL in a major league stare down just three days before their historic "I Quit Match" at Judgment Day. WATCH: 56k | 300k

JBL actually grabbed a mic during the match, and while on the ring apron, tried to get Cena to quit as the Bashams dominated the early action.

Earlier in the night, JBL was disqualified during his match with Scotty 2 Hotty. JBL ignored the referee's count during a series of illegal punches and went on to slap Scotty with a belt and eventually wrap it around his neck and choke him until he quit. WATCH: 56k | 300k

None of this affected Cena, who won the main event with a FU on Danny Basham as JBL watched on in disgust.

Meanwhile, after his actions of last week, Kurt Angle issued what appeared to be a heartfelt apology from the WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT. Angle, who was banned from the arena by General Manager Theodore Long, admitted he went too far last week when he insulted and badgered Booker T's wife Sharmell.

However, just when you thought every word was sincere, Angle told a worldwide audience that he actually kissed Sharmell and let her fondle his "private parts" before Booker T got to the locker room last week.

An infuriated Booker T kicked the television broadcasting Angle's image. These two figure to have a huge grudge match at Judgment Day. WATCH: 56k | 300k

One week after an impassioned speech in which he blamed the fans and Rey Mysterio himself for Rey's beating, Eddie Guerrero once again came to the ring with Mysterio's old mask. But this week Latino Heat said nothing, simply staring into the crowd before dropping the mask and stepping on it.

If Rey Mysterio is able to make it to the arena Sunday, those two former friends and partners have a match at Judgment Day.

Also, since Big Show declined to be Carlito's bodyguard last week, Carlito invited Matt Morgan to be his muscle. Morgan accepted and then whacked Big Show with a chair when he invaded the Cabana and tried to chokeslam the man who poisoned him last week. WATCH: 56k | 300k

Carlito and Show now have a match at Judgment Day and Morgan will be in Carlito's corner.


John Cena has the fans taunt JBL: 56k | 300k

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