With destiny Arma-gotten, Superstars lookin' to Rumble

With destiny Arma-gotten, Superstars lookin' to Rumble

BALTIMORE -- After winning his first World title at Armageddon, WWE Champion Jeff Hardy's celebration proved to be short-lived, as a furious storm of Superstars made their anger known.

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WWE Champion Jeff Hardy's Kickoff Celebration (WATCH | PHOTOS) ; Hardy def. Vladimir Kozlov (DQ) (Non-Title Match) (PHOTOS)
New WWE Champion Jeff Hardy served notice to the WWE Universe that things were about to change in favor of the "rejects and screw-ups." When Edge interrupted and attempted to belittle the champion - while once again denying his involvement in Hardy's Survivor Series weekend attack - Hardy answered back with a resounding Twist of Fate.

Later, after hitting the Whisper in the Wind on the unpinned Kozlov, the Ultimate Opportunist interceded again - causing the disqualification as he and the Moscow Mauler attacked Hardy. This drew the ire of Triple H, who provided an effective equalizer, unleashing his wrath on both aggressors. After Hardy hit a post-match Swanton Bomb on Edge, he exchanged a telling stare with The Game, making it clear that The King of Kings will also be gunning for the gold.

Edge def. ECW Champion Matt Hardy (Non-title) (PHOTOS)
In the culmination of an exhausting match, Edge hurled the ECW Champion between the turnbuckles and into the unforgiving steel ring post, allowing the Rated-R Superstar to execute the spear and grab the hard fought three-count.

R-Truth & Hurricane Helms def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin & Montel Vontavious Porter (PHOTOS)
In a match that featured a noticeable lack of teamwork between MVP and Benjamin, the Ballin' Superstar accidentally kicked his partner before R-Truth took out the Franchise Playa' with the devastating corkscrew elbow. Hurricane Helms then drilled the Gold Standard into the canvas to grab the win. Can Helms reign supreme next week when he challenges United States Champion Shelton Benjamin for his title?

Maryse def. Maria (Maryse earns a Divas Championship Match) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
With Divas Champion Michelle McCool lurking at ringside, Maria hurt her ankle coming off the second rope, opening the door for Maryse to utilize the DDT and become the No. 1 contender to Michelle's title. After the match, Maryse decided to get in Michelle's face, only to have her hand slapped away when she touched the championship.

World Tag Team Champion John Morrison def. Festus (PHOTOS)
In order to stop Morrison - and his "Dirt Sheet" co-star The Miz - from once again using the timekeeper's bell against Festus, Jesse confiscated it early. But when he tried to swing it at the interfering self-proclaimed "Chick Magnet," the bell accidentally hit the ring post. The comatose Corn-fed Colossus was then easy prey for Morrison, who quickly hit the Moonlight Drive for the victory. Following the match, Miz and Morrison continued to have a few laughs at Festus' expense.

Ezekiel Jackson def. WWE Tag Team Champion Carlito (WATCH | PHOTOS)
As Carlito was springboarding himself off the rope toward his opponent, Ezekiel caught him with a devastating shot to the back before hurling the WWE Tag Team Champion into the mat with decisive force. Jackson's impressive triumph adds to the series of singles and tag team victories that he and The Kendrick have accumulated over the WWE Champions in recent weeks.

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