Four for all

Four for all

LAFAYETTE, La. -- Two days before WWE TLC, the World Heavyweight Championship No. 1 contender's picture completely transformed, paving the way for a Fatal 4-Way TLC Match this Sunday. (Preview)

Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. WWE Champion The Miz & Alberto Del Rio ended in a No Contest (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Just when it looked like Edge and Rey Mysterio were about to win their tag team main event with a 619-Spear combination, they were interrupted by the explosive entrance of the irate World Heavyweight Champion Kane. As the mayhem unfolded, the entire SmackDown locker room sprinted to the ring to try and separate "The Devil's Favorite Demon" from The Rated-R Superstar. When The Big Red Monster broke free and tried to reengage his maniacal adversary, Edge Speared him to the canvas.  

The Big Red Monster's SmackDown assault confirmed that the World Heavyweight Championship will be decided in a Fatal 4-Way TLC Match at this Sunday's pay-per-view. (Preview) (Watch to find out why the Fatal 4-Way Match became necessary

WWE Tag Team Champions Santino Marella  & Vladimir Kozlov def. Chavo Guerrero & Tyler Reks (WATCH | PHOTOS)
With Tyler Reks at his side, Chavo Guerrero took on Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov in a tag team match for the second week in a row. Despite the unpredictable new partner, Guerrero once again fell to the Cobra, courtesy of Santino.

The WWE TLC Tag Team Tables Match Divas confronted each other (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Michelle McCool and Layla came before the WWE Universe to officially protest their WWE TLC Tag Team Tables Match against Divas Champion Natalya & Beth Phoenix (Match preview), claiming the match was too barbaric to be "Diva." Their pay-per-view opponents soon emerged, revealing a custom table with unflattering depictions of both members of Team Lay-Cool painted on it. When Michelle and Layla attacked, Layla nearly ended up suplexed into her gift. But, Michelle rescued her partner-in-flawless and the two quickly scrambled out of the ring.

WWE Champion The Miz def. Rey Mysterio (WATCH | PHOTOS)
As Alex Riley was distracting the referee, an emerging Alberto Del Rio tripped up Rey Mysterio, nearly costing him his match with The Miz. While The Master of the 619 dished out retribution on his aristocratic adversary, The Miz regrouped. Mysterio went for the splash, but The Awesome One lifted his knees, paving the way for him to pick up the quick victory.

After the bell, Del Rio attacked Mysterio, inciting Edge to take up the fight. The Miz got involved as well, convincing SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long to set up a tag team main event between the four Superstars.

"Dashing" Cody Rhodes def. Chris Masters (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Successfully avoiding any direct blows to his handsome face, Cody Rhodes redeemed his Master Lock Challenge defeat one week ago, blasting Chris Masters with the Cross Rhodes for the victory.

Kofi Kingston & Kaval def. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (WATCH | PHOTOS)
On Monday Night Raw, a Triple Threat Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match was announced for WWE TLC (Match preview). On SmackDown, Kofi Kingston triumphed over his pay-per-view opponents in tag team action, using Trouble in Paradise to overcome Dolph Ziggler. After the match, Swagger knocked his defeated bleach-blond partner to the canvas, making it clear that it will be every man for himself at WWE TLC.

Edge justified his recent maniacal actions (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Edge came before the WWE Universe to explain his actions against Kane and Paul Bearer in recent weeks, saying that his goal was to get down to The Big Red Monster's "evil" level and "face him at his own game." The Master Manipulator then promised that the end will justify the means when he beats Kane this Sunday to become a 10-time Word Champion.

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