Randy Orton's Revelation

After a week of supernatural mind games from Undertaker, Randy Orton answered back with a venomous setup of his own on Friday Night SmackDown.

By feigning retirement — saying his destiny wouldn't be getting crippled inside Hell in a Cell — Randy coaxed Undertaker to the ring. Once there, Cowboy Bob Orton emerged from under a Druid's hood, holding the Undertaker's urn. With the distraction a success, Randy attacked, hitting an RKO on Undertaker. Randy then pummeled the Deadman with a steel chair, busting his head open. Randy appeared possessed — incited by the sight of Undertaker's blood. "The Legend Killer" then hit Undertaker across the open wound with the urn. Will this mean Randy Orton has the advantage this Sunday in Hell in a Cell?

In another SmackDown shocker, Batista & Rey Mysterio defeated MNM to capture the WWE Tag Team Championship despite every possible effort from Melina to the contrary.

Before the match, Melina intercepted Batista in the locker room. She seductively suggested that she could make it worth Batista's while to skip his SmackDown match and allow MNM time to prepare for their match against the Mexicools at Armageddon.

Batista seemed very receptive, engaging Melina in a passionate kiss and embrace — for starters. But ultimately, Batista simply thanked Melina for the "warmup" and then headed out for his match.

During the match, Melina seemed to exact revenge by distracting the referee long enough to allow MNM to hit a slingshot powerbomb on Mysterio. Later, Melina got involved again by pulling Mysterio hard to outside. MNM took it to Rey until Mysterio managed a breathtaking reverse Hurricanrana to Nitro from off the top rope. It proved to be the turning point in the match, as Mysterio finally made a tag and unleashed The Animal.

Batista proceeded to destroy MNM with spears and spinebusters. Melina tried to help Mercury, but instead both were caught with a 619 that sent Mercury straight into a waiting Batista Bomb. The three-count followed, and just like that, SmackDown had new WWE Tag Team Champions. Mysterio & Batista left in celebration, while MNM retreated beaten and bloodied. As a result, the interbrand tag-team match at Armageddon will now be World Tag Team Champions Big Show & Kane vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio & Batista.

In addition, two Armageddon matches were announced on SmackDown: Kid Kash will face Juventud for the Cruiserweight Championship, and JBL will face Matt Hardy — the result of a backstage brawl between the two.

Also, The Boogeyman came to get an utterly disturbed Nunzio as the SmackDown roster watched from a safe distance backstage. The Boogeyman ate worms as he dominated the match — finishing Nunzio with an impressive pump-handle slam. Afterward, the frightening newcomer forced Nunzio to eat worms as well.

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