Street Fight night

Street Fight night

HOUSTON -- With WWE TLC just two days away -- where tables, ladders and chairs are all legal -- SmackDown played host to its own anything-goes-war in an epic Street Fight between Rey Mysterio and Batista, which saw World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker enter the fray. (WWE TLC coverage)

Batista def. Rey Mysterio in a Street Fight
At the start of the night, Batista made it clear to the WWE Universe that he didn't care if they booed him. After demanding a spotlight be placed on him, he claimed that he never needed fans, Rey Mysterio, Evolution, or anybody else. Instead, he proclaimed that it was all about him and already declared himself "World Heavyweight Champion Batista." (PHOTOS | WATCH)

Later in the main event, The Animal went one-on-one with Rey Mysterio in a brutal Street Fight. After a furious battle, Batista reigned supreme over his former comrade-in-arms with a combination spear, spinebuster and chair blast.

After the match, the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship attempted to continue his assault on Mysterio. But, The Deadman emerged with furious vengeance in his eyes, executing his own brand of dark retribution just two days before their World Title Chair Match. (PHOTOS | WATCH | Match preview)

CM Punk & Luke Gallows def. R-Truth & Matt Hardy (PHOTOS | WATCH)
While The Second City Saint continued to speak vehemently against the new WWE DVD: "Jeff Hardy: My Life, My Rules," Matt Hardy and R-Truth chose to give out free copies, before sending "The Straightedge Savior" out of the ring with a pre-match microphone to the head. But, once the match got underway, the "once lost" Luke Gallows found victory for himself and Punk by defeating Hardy with the devastating Twelve Steps.

Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show def. Eric Escobar in a Handicap Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Shortly after punishing Eric Escobar by putting him in a match against Unified Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho, SmackDown Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero interrupted the action to inform her ex-boyfriend that he would also be facing Jericho's gigantic tag team partner, Big Show. Although Escobar did his best in his second Handicap Match in two weeks, the combined force of the dominant duo was too much to withstand, as he fell victim to the infamous Walls of Jericho.

Will Jeri-Show carry their dominance into WWE TLC and fulfill their promise to rid WWE of D-Generation X? (Match preview)

Intercontinental John Morrison faced off with Drew McIntyre (PHOTOS | WATCH)
One week after Drew McIntyre pinned Intercontinental Champion John Morrison in non-title action, he came to the ring to discuss their WWE TLC Title Match and refute Morrison's popularity. Much to the No. 1 contender's chagrin, The Guru of Greatness came forth to meet him dressed as Braveheart's William Wallace. "The Chosen One" took Morrison's humorous actions as major disrespect to his culture, daring him to put down the sword he was wielding. "The A-Lister" soon answered the challenge and things erupted into an all-out brawl, ending with McIntyre being expelled from the ring.

What will happen when The Shaman and the Scottsman "face-off" at WWE TLC with the future of the Intercontinental Championship hanging in the balance? (Match preview)

Kane def. Mike Knox (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Despite losing to Kane last week, the sadistic Knox asked his horrifying opponent for another match, claiming that he liked locking horns with The Big Red Machine. Though Kane once again triumphed with the chokeslam, the merciless tenaciousness of the demented Knox helped create a battle of pure monstrous mayhem between the two frightening Superstars.

Mickie James & Maria def. Women's Champion Michelle McCool & Layla (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In the fast-paced climax to the clash between the smart, sexy, and powerful Divas of SmackDown, Mickie sent Layla hurling into Women's Champion Michelle McCool, before rolling the English Diva up for a major tag team triumph.

Can Mickie use the momentum to capture her fifth Women's Championship when she faces Michelle at WWE TLC? (Match preview)

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