Undeniable altercations

Undeniable altercations

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Two of the most powerful forces on SmackDown battled it out inside an unforgiving steel cage while reluctant Armageddon opponents were forced to join together to run the Gauntlet. (WATCH SMACKDOWN QUICK CUT)

Undertaker def. Big Show (Steel Cage Match) (PHOTOS)
Undertaker overcame Big Show in a brutal Steel Cage Match main event, making him tap out to the vicious Hell's Gate. After coming back from The World's Largest Athlete's devastating knockout punch, Undertaker slipped Big Show into the dreaded submission hold for his stunning triumph in the middle of the ring.

WWE Champion Edge def. Kung Fu Naki (PHOTOS)
Newly crowned WWE Champion Edge started the night off, hitting Kung Fu Naki with the spear to win his first match since returning to SmackDown. Afterward, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero announced that since Edge had competed, it was only fair that Triple H and Jeff Hardy -- the Rated-R Superstar's Triple Threat Match opponents at Armageddon -- should have to compete as well. She said the two would pair up in a Tag Team Gauntlet Match, facing one tag team after another until they lost.

Triple H & Jeff Hardy def. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder; The Miz & John Morrison def. Triple H & Jeff Hardy (Count-out) (Tag Team Gauntlet Match) (PHOTOS)
The Game & Jeff Hardy came into the Tag Team Gauntlet Match as unwilling partners, trying to outdo each other from the start as they battled their perpetual opposition. They first defeated former WWE Tag Team Champions Hawkins & Ryder. The King of Kings hit Ryder with the Pedigree, but, as he went for the pin, Hardy decided to deliver the Swanton Bomb, nearly hitting his partner in the process. Triple H went on to get the pinfall while Hardy repelled Hawkins.

With the two nearly coming to blows, Miz & Morrison emerged as their next tag team opponents. However, when the Charismatic Enigma took down The Game while leaping onto his opponents outside the ring, the two began unloading on each other -- creating an explosive brawl that allowed "The Dirt Sheet" co-stars to earn an easy victory by count-out.

Maria def. Divas Champion Michelle McCool (Non-Title Match) (PHOTOS)
Maria scored an upset victory over Michelle McCool, ducking the Divas Champion's mighty round kick before rolling her up for the quick win. With her victory, has Maria earned herself another chance at Michelle's title?

Hurricane Helms def. Montel Vontavious Porter (WATCH | PHOTOS)
After weeks of popping in for comments during various matches, Hurricane Helms finally returned to SmackDown, defeating MVP by connecting with the Shining Wizard. And with the returning Helms providing the Ballin' Superstar with another loss, MVP once again took home the losing end of the purse.

ECW Champion Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero (No Contest) (Non-title) (PHOTOS)
An intense match of skill between the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" and the ECW Champion turned into anarchy when Vladimir Kozlov suddenly entered the ring, attacking Hardy in retribution for costing the Moscow Mauler his title opportunity at Armageddon on SmackDown last week.

The Great Khali's Holiday Kiss Cam (Watch | PHOTOS)
The Great Khali rang in the holiday cheer with a little help from Ranjin Singh, who called out "Santa's Little Helper" Eve to deck the Punjabi Playboy's halls with a special holiday kiss.

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