Hell to pay

When Randy Orton came to the ring to open Friday Night SmackDown, he thought he was on top of the world. However, he quickly found out that a trip to the south was in his future.

Orton came to the ring, and said he didn't need to brag about killing the Undertaker, because his actions spoke for themselves. He then demanded a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at Armageddon, and said that his confidence wasn't arrogance, it was destiny. Before his match with Matt Hardy, Orton told his father that if Batista still hadn't answered the challenge, he would find the Animal and spit in his face. And after Orton finished Hardy off with the RKO, it seemed Batista was next on the agenda. Instead, Orton found out that his next opponent would be an even more familiar one.

The lights went out, the gong sounded, and Undertaker's voice filled the arena. Undertaker told Randy that he was indeed still alive, filling the Legend Killer with fear. The Ortons tried to run from the ring, but a lightning bolt shot from the heavens, scaring them back towards the squared circle. Undertaker then played mind games with Orton, making the Legend Killer think that he was coming. A bewildered and frightened Orton staggered around the arena, and as he tried to escape found a casket standing behind a curtain. As Orton pleaded for the Deadman to stop, he told Randy that they were going straight to hell…Hell in a Cell. A frazzled Orton later tried pleading with Theodore Long to avoid Undertaker's wrath, but the GM confirmed that the two men would meet inside Hell in a Cell at Armageddon.

Another war continued on Friday night, the one between RAW and SmackDown. After Big Show & Kane decimated Rey Mysterio on the SmackDown special, Rey enlisted JBL's help to take on the World Tag Team Champions. Early in the match, Rey used his speed to keep the big men off balance, and the SmackDown duo seemed cohesive. The RAW monsters eventually managed to take control of JBL, but Mysterio made a blind tag to keep them off balance. A brawl ensued, and in the confusion, the referee accidentally hit JBL in the eye. A stunned JBL rolled out of the ring and began to head back to the locker room. Jillian followed, and a dumbfounded Rey yelled at him to return.

Whether intentional or not, JBL's departure left Mysterio alone, and the World Tag Team Champions used their size and power advantage to dominate an already banged-up Rey. Rey managed to avoid an avalanche attempt by Big Show and tried to use his speed, but got caught coming off the ropes by Big Show. Show & Kane then nailed Rey with a double-chokeslam to pick up the victory, but they weren't satisfied. Kane grabbed a chair, and the duo prepared Rey for another double-chokeslam. Luckily for Rey, Batista ran out to make the save. After a spinebuster and a spear sent the World Tag Team Champions fleeing from the ring, the Animal helped Mysterio to his feet as the show came to a close.

Also, the war between Booker T and Chris Benoit continued to escalate. It was announced that the third match in their best-of-seven series would take place next week, and Booker & Sharmell sat in on commentary to watch Benoit face William Regal. Early in the match, Regal worked over Benoit's neck and head, and after he kicked Benoit's head into the ring post, it appeared that Regal was headed to an easy victory. Instead, the Wolverine showed his intestinal fortitude, and fought his way back. After some vicious headbutts busted both men open, Benoit hit a Dragon suplex on Regal, and then rolled into the Crippler Crossface. After Regal immediately tapped out, Benoit turned his focus to Booker, rolling out of the ring and diving over the announce table to brawl with Booker. Benoit locked Booker in the Crippler Crossface on the floor, and Sharmell tried to pull the Wolverine off her husband. When she was unsuccessful, she went for a chair, but Benoit caught her advance and chased her away. Despite being in an 0-2 hole in the series, Benoit firmly showed that he would still keep fighting to regain the United States Championship.

Another match was also made for Armageddon, as Mexicools Super Crazy & Psicosis won a six-team Tag Team Battle Royal to earn a shot at WWE Tag Team Champions MNM. After L.O.D., Scotty 2 Hotty & Funaki, London & Kendrick and Nunzio & Vito were eliminated, it appeared as if The Dicks were on the verge of eliminating Psicosis to win the match. Instead, Psicosis springboarded from the apron back into the ring, grabbed a Dick with each leg, and pulled them back over the top rope to eliminate them. The Mexicools then celebrated in the ring, motioning that they wanted the championship as MNM watched from ringside.

On a night were existing rivalries intensified, a new face finally made his debut as the Boogeyman took on Simon Dean. Prior to the match, new SmackDown correspondent Kristal Marshall caught up with Simon backstage, and asked if he was afraid of the Boogeyman. Simon said no, but when opened a serving dish to reveal Boogeyman's head, Simon's face told a different story.

When it was time for the match, security had to drag a spooked Simon to the ring. Simon tried to run away several times, but the Boogeyman made his appearance, disgusting the fitness guru by eating live worms. Simon tried to offer him some Simon Protein bars as a peace offering, but the Boogeyman informed Dean that he was indeed the Boogeyman, and was coming to get him. Boogeyman then grabbed Simon and hit a reverse powerslam for the pinfall victory.

In additional action, Lashley continued his undefeated streak by defeating Sylvan.

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