The end is near

After regaining the title at Survivor Series less than a week ago, SmackDown's new World Heavyweight Champion Batista entered the HSBC Arena in Buffalo a happy man.

King Booker however, was not so happy. As the former champion demanded a rematch, he was interrupted by the Irishman Finlay, who wanted the opportunity to face Batista. WWE's fan friendly General Manager Theodore Long announced a Triple Threat Match -- which heavily favors the challengers -- for the World Heavyweight Champion. Batista made a huge statement by defeating two of SmackDown's toughest Superstars, pinning Finlay and retaining the World Heavyweight Championship.

While continuing to be at odds after the match, Long made another announcement: King Booker and Finlay would team up against Batista and a partner of his choice at Armageddon. The Animal chose his friend, WWE Champion John Cena.

Theodore Long also announced two other matches for Armageddon, as he has ordered a Last Ride Match between Undertaker and Mr. Kennedy and an Inferno Match between the monster Kane and MVP.

On this night, however, Undertaker would face Montel Vontavious Porter as he sought revenge for losing the First Blood Match at Survivor Series due to MVP's interference. The match was interrupted by Kennedy, who was thrown into the ring. As MVP ran towards the back, The Big Red Machine chased him back into the ring, and once again the Brothers of Destruction stood together to pummel the young Superstars. At Armageddon, the rivalry between MVP and Kane will literally heat up, while The Phenom looks to take Kennedy for one last ride.

Chavo Guerrero came to SmackDown with an injured Vickie by his side, claiming the injury was caused by the Rabid Wolverine at Survivor Series. Chavo went on to taunt Chris Benoit, saying "why don't you hit me, Chris, someone who hits back," and also "you were part of our family, and you go and do this." Vickie added "I never thought a family friend like Chris Benoit would do this." Chavo used this mind game to his advantage during a return match, as Benoit stopped himself from slamming into Vickie again. Chavo rolled up the United States Champion and held the tights to defeat Benoit.

WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick took on the reunited MNM, who they had defeated to win the titles. The former champions looked to work out some kinks as they head into a showdown with The Hardys this Sunday at December to Dismember. As Kendrick & London looked to have the advantage, William Regal & Dave Taylor viciously attacked them, leaving the tag team champions easy prey for MNM.

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