Focused recuperation

Focused recuperation

After having an emergency appendectomy last Tuesday night in Tampa, Fla., Matt Hardy has returned home to begin his road to recovery, and the road back to the United States Championship held by his former partner, MVP. Hardy realizes he is lucky to have found the source of his discomfort when he did, and the young North Carolinian is truly happy to be alive.

"I was being pumped full of antibiotics for four days straight last week to combat all the toxins that had seeped into my body and poisoned my insides," said Matt. "The thing that is more aggravating than anything else is the soreness. Not just because of the incision, but because after they removed the appendix, and because it had burst, they took saline and sprayed down the intestines, the kidneys and the abdominal cavity and then brushed those organs clean." Matt continued, "And those organs aren't supposed to be moved around like that, so it's just incredible discomfort. But I am up and walking around a little. So one week later, I am glad I am feeling this good compared to where I was last Tuesday."

Matt Hardy's injuries pale in comparison to his feelings about being kept out of action and the effect that is having on him. 

"I am already going stir crazy being gone for a week. Wrestling and being part of WWE defines my life in so many ways, it's what I am," Matt reflected. "It's what I have grown up doing and knowing. I am a little frustrated but I realize I just have to stay patient and take care of myself and get right back in the mix and right after MVP."

While still in the hospital, Matt was able to watch SmackDown, and he witnessed the presentation of the United States Championship ring from JBL to MVP this past Friday, an experience just as uncomfortable to stomach as his surgery.

"I watched from my hospital bed in Tampa, and MVP coming out and gloating about everything was just brutal to watch considering the seriousness of our issues with one another," Matt said. "But for Rey Mysterio to come out and close MVP's mouth, I found it flattering and I think it is a real testament to Rey's integrity. I respect Rey and for him to come out and say the things he said about me and to call MVP out, makes me respect him that much more."

One person Matt no longer respects is MVP, the man whom he held the WWE Tag Team Championship with for more than two months. The partnership was dissolved when the unlikely duo lost the titles to John Morrison & The Miz. After the match, MVP took the opportunity to injure Matt Hardy, the man he had called his "friend." The assault by MVP may have led to Hardy being put on the shelf, but it has also renewed the determination in Matt's pursuit of singles gold.

"I am going to be more focused than ever," Matt assured "I am going to come back with a more serious and more direct approach to go out and get what I want. And MVP has a huge bull's eye on him right now. I just felt the time was coming for me to explode through the glass ceiling and defeat MVP for the United States Championship and then go a step further to achieve my ultimate goal: To become World Heavyweight Champion."

Any gold is an achievement for Matt Hardy, and his message to his supporters is much like his focus these days -- direct.

"So many great WWE fans have sent cards and letters, and that stuff means a lot because in the big scheme of things, it's nice to know there are people that care about you," Hardy said. "Numerous times our fans have brought me through tough situations --when I was released from WWE, it was the people that brought me back. Even now when I worry about coming back and training to get back, I can lean on the fans for support and to stay motivated and get back to where I need to be."

That motivation is what Matt Hardy hopes will lead him right back to the United States Championship when he returns from this setback. And if it leads to another golden opportunity, Matt hopes one person is wearing that bling -- Montel Vontavious Porter.

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