A lengthy affair?

A lengthy affair?

These days, SmackDown seems to resemble a bizarre production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and at the center of the maelstrom are the newly-revealed lovers themselves -- Edge and General Manager Vickie Guerrero.

As the Rated-R Superstar revealed last week, his Survivor Series actions were the "culmination of four months of careful planning." Of course, his four months of planning ended with watching his significant other get Tombstoned by Undertaker in the middle of the ring at the end of SmackDown, an attack from which Vickie is still recovering.

With Edge and Vickie's revelation of their relationship, one has to wonder just how long the General Manager has been part of Edge's equation. Is their love one that blossomed just prior to Survivor Series, or was it perhaps a summer love rivaling that of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in Grease?

WWE.com did a little investigating, and it seems that Edge and Vickie might not be a "new" thing. With a little help from some anonymous tips, putting the pieces together was about as hard as your average jigsaw puzzle.

For one, a WWE Diva -- who will remain unidentified -- revealed that while waiting for Vickie in her office one day, she saw a receipt sitting on the desk. Naturally curious, she noticed that the receipt was from Buds, Blooms & Beyond, a florist in the Tampa, Fla., area. While that seemed innocuous at the time, it should be noted that the Florida Gulf Coast was where Edge spent the last four months recuperating from his pectoral injury.

That same Diva later disclosed that while chatting with Vickie during another day, the phone rang incessantly. Caller ID revealed the number had an 813 area code, which serves the Tampa territory. After numerous calls, the GM apparently picked up the phone and said to the caller, "I'm in the middle of business; let me call you back later."

Obviously, that could all seem innocent enough; perhaps members of the Guerrero family reside in the Tampa area, or maybe she has been scouting some local talent down in the Gulf Coast region in an attempt to bolster the SmackDown roster.

But, of course, there's more.

According to one SmackDown Superstar, during National Boss Day this year (Oct. 16), he saw the General Manager take delivery of an envelope containing skybox tickets to the Boston Bruins' Dec. 13 NHL game in Beantown. Seemingly odd ... until you realize that SmackDown invades the TD Banknorth Garden -- home of the Bruins -- two nights before. Even more interesting is the fact that despite growing up just outside of Toronto, Edge is a huge fan of the New Jersey Devils -- who, coincidentally, will be facing the Bruins on Dec. 13.

There's one other piece of information we received that could be interpreted after the fact as quite telling. One WWE Superstar who lives near Vickie Guerrero recently spotted her outside a local music store, where she was apparently doing some "holiday shopping." In tow, she had a brand new Ibanez JEM7V Steve Vai signature guitar. Those retail for big bucks, so that's kind of an expensive gift to purchase for someone … perhaps a special someone, like Edge, who was documented in WWE Magazine some time ago as having quite the guitar collection?

Of course, all of this could be speculation. Only two people know the genesis of their love, and that's Edge and Vickie themselves. Vickie is currently convalescing after Undertaker's attack last week on SmackDown, so unless Edge decides to spill the beans, the world may not find out anytime soon. If and when people do, however, whatever they choose to reveal is up to them … but after seeing what the Rated-R Superstar has gone through with his past relationships, perhaps secrecy is better off.

After all, Edge does have other things to worry about, namely his World Heavyweight Championship Match against Batista tonight. Even though he is 3-0 against The Animal in championship matches, it's now Batista holding the gold, meaning the roles are reversed from their previous battles. Will the Rated-R streak continue this week, or will the championship remain around the waist of The Animal? Just another question that remains unanswered.

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