Rated "T" for Tombstone

Rated "T" for Tombstone

TAMPA, Fla. -- The night after Thanksgiving marked Edge's return to SmackDown, and his presence alone was enough to ensure that chaos would ensue. That said, however, no one could have expected the chain of events that occurred on Friday night.

The Rated-R Superstar promised in a WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video that he would answer all questions about why he screwed Undertaker at Survivor Series once SmackDown rolled around. The night promised the return of The Cutting Edge -- with none other than World Heavyweight Champion Batista as the guest -- and the anticipation of Edge's explanation was high.

Our fans did not have to wait long, however, as they and SmackDown Superstars alike found out everything they needed to know just minutes into the broadcast. General Manager Vickie Guerrero had the Rated-R Superstar in her office to review the events of Survivor Series, and she sternly punished him for ruining Undertaker's final championship opportunity … by granting him a World Heavyweight Championship Match against Edge next week?

Yes, folks, you read that right; that was indeed what happened. And moments later, the jig was up as Edge and Vickie laughed together, revealing that it was all a plot and they were in cahoots all along. Stomachs then churned as the Rated-R Superstar and the GM shared a passionate kiss to cement their alliance.

Later, a disgusted Batista had a conversation with Vickie in her office, calling Edge "slime" and wanting one good reason why the recently returned Rated-R Superstar deserved a World Championship Match. The leader of the Blue Crew offered two: "He deserves it … and I love him," leaving the rest for later in the night.

Finally, it was time for The Cutting Edge, where the Rated-R Superstar and his lover continued their mutual admiration society.

"It feels great to stand here as your new No. 1 Contender," Edge crowed. "And there's someone I'd like to thank: The love of my life, Vickie Guerrero."

Edge continued, "What you see here is the product of four months of careful planning. The culmination is next week when I become the new World Heavyweight Champion!"

With that, he brought out his guest, the "soon to be former" champion, Batista. The Animal, however, wasn't in the mood to be interviewed, quickly cutting off his next opponent in a very un-Batista-esque manner.

"SHUT UP!" The Animal commanded. "You make me sick!"

Edge tried to interject his feelings, claiming how Batista doesn't deserve to hold "his" World Heavyweight Championship, but The Animal wasn't hearing it.

"You don't deserve a World Title match … but you deserve every ounce of the ass whooping I'm going to give you!"

Batista then shoved Edge down and stormed out of the ring, setting a very domineering tone for their future confrontation. Unfortunately for the Rated-R Superstar, things only got worse from there. As he stared back in The Animal's direction, a gong chimed and the lights went out in the arena, something that could only signify the presence of one (dead) man: Undertaker.

When the lights returned, The Phenom was in the ring behind Edge and Vickie. The Rated-R Superstar quickly fled when Undertaker reached for him, running like Gorilla Monsoon's proverbial thief in the night. However, he forgot one important thing: His girlfriend.

Poor Vickie was left alone with The Phenom, and left with the choice of internalizing his hostilities or lashing out at the General Manager. Let's just say The Deadman wasn't shy about broadcasting his feelings. Edge looked on in horror, but there was nothing he could do as Undertaker scooped Vickie up and lofted her onto his shoulders, as he attempted to bate Edge into the ring. When the Rated-R Superstar continued his retreat, The Phenom had no choice and dropped Vickie with a vicious Tombstone Piledriver -- executed very methodically perhaps for reasons of further destroying any sanity Edge may have.

The battle lines have clearly been drawn, and it looks like Edge is on the business end of all of them. However, after seeing the "love of his life" removed from the arena on a stretcher -- footage you can see in the latest WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video -- will he go into battle against Batista next week without his top ally? And what about The Phenom? He seemingly said all he needed to by dropping Vickie Guerrero with a Tombstone -- or did he? Will he be lurking next week?

The only thing for sure about this combustible situation is that it's just getting started. 

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