Lord of the Bling

Lord of the Bling

TAMPA, Fla. -- Showing his true colors when he attacked his former tag team partner Matt Hardy last week on SmackDown, after the duo lost the WWE Tag Team Championship, the United States Champion MVP arrived in Tampa to receive a special gift from JBL. The high-flying Rey Mysterio had something to say, however, and he spoiled the ceremony.

In the event, hosted by SmackDown's color commentator John Bradshaw Layfield, MVP was awarded the very first United States Championship ring. JBL claimed the gift was from the United Nations and a representation of the Ballin' Superstar being the future of sports-entertainment. The former World Heavyweight & U.S. Champion JBL then promised the cocky Franchise Playa that he would one day become a World Champion.

Later in the night, Mysterio faced MVP one-on-one, and the Master of the 619 seemed on the brink of a victory over Porter. But MVP resorted to cheap tricks and managed to steal the victory when he used the ropes for leverage, defeating the biggest underdog in WWE history. On a night that should have been about MVP atoning for taking advantage of Matt Hardy's injured knee last week, instead focused the spotlight right where Porter likes it best -- on him.

As MVP flashed the bling that is draped around his waist, neck and now finger, the egotistical love fest was cut short when Rey Mysterio made his way to the ring. The former World Champion had a simple message for the brazen MVP: "You ain't nothing but a punk and you are scared of Matt Hardy." The U.S. Champ had heard enough and delivered a cheap shot to Mysterio, but he was chased off by the fast-paced Master of the 619, leading to the aforementioned match.

With Matt Hardy having underwent an emergency appendectomy earlier in the week, MVP seems to have momentarily avoided the backlash of his actions from last week. But Matt Hardy has proven time and time again that he will not stop in his pursuit of the United States Championship; the question now is when will Matt find his way back to the ring?

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