Finlay's true colors?

Finlay's true colors?

When Finlay came to the aid of Hornswoggle at Survivor Series and chopped down The Great Khali with his shillelagh, the Irishman opened a Pandora's Box he should have left alone -- Mr. McMahon's tough love. Despite the helping hand from Finlay, Hornswoggle still found himself in action again this past Monday night when he faced Carlito in one-on-one action. Once again, the Irishman assisted his little friend, and perhaps sent a message to any Superstar who would step into the ring with Hornswoggle: If you fight him, you fight me.

On SmackDown that philosophy may have placed a bull's eye on the Irishman when Mr. McMahon placed Finlay & Hornswoggle into a Handicap Match against Mark Henry. The Chairman and the Irishman had seemingly reached a deal, but when an opportunity opened for Finlay to grab his shillelagh and hit the World's Strongest Man, he took it, leading to a victory for the Dublin duo. The thrill of the win was short-lived, however, as The Great Khali then attacked. Was the Punjabi Giant a surprise sent by the Chairman in retaliation for Finlay sticking his shillelagh into McMahon business, or was Mr. McMahon as shocked as our fans by the Khali assault? In either case, the Irishman is not backing down from The Great Khali.

"I am not worried," Finlay assured. "I have been in this business a long time. I have been beaten up before and faced giants before. I have won and lost many times." Finlay continued, "There is no shame in losing, you just get back up and keep going."

The Great Khali poses a different kind of threat for Finlay though, but the Irishman claims that he will not back down from the master of the Vise Grip. "I am not afraid of Khali. Giants can be taken down, and I am the one to do it."

That confidence will be instrumental in how far Finlay can push himself against a man the size of Khali. But more importantly, why has Finlay, normally one of the toughest, meanest Superstars in WWE, come to the aid of Hornswoggle? Has he shown a weakness that his opponents can capitalize on or is Finlay thinking of soaring to heights greater than Khali when he protects a member of the McMahon family?


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