The Bellas: Double the fun

The Bellas: Double the fun

MANCHESTER, England -- The WWE Universe is awestruck over The Bellas, and it's not just for their stunning beauty. A record number of the WWE Universe watched SmackDown on MyNetwork TV as it was revealed that Brie Bella had a twin, Nikki. Since the revelation, Internet search engines have been flooded by "blue team" followers trying to find any information they can about the dynamic duo. After many interview requests by worldwide media outlets, The Bellas agreed to talk exclusively with for their first interview.

For nearly three months, Brie had been dazzling on the blue brand with impressive victories over two-time WWE Women's Champion Victoria and her BFF Natalya. After defeating Victoria in one-on-one action, with Natalya looking on, Brie sought refuge under the ring. When the BFFs began pulling at the limbs of who they believed to be Brie, Nikki was introduced to the world. (WATCH)

"I can definitely do it by myself, but I didn't like doing it on my own. That's why I decided to bring my twin, Nikki," said Brie. "There are a lot of bad Divas on SmackDown that like to cheat a little bit. I showed them that I have a few tricks of my own. Like they say here at WWE, you just play the game, and I was just playing the game."

For Nikki, after some dark and lonely months of having to hide underneath the ring during her sister's matches until an opportune moment, being announced to the world gave her some relief. Now, the Scottsdale, Ariz., natives can feel the excitement of the crowd together. (See Brie and Nikki's photos)

"People are now going to start to know my name and acknowledge me for what I do in the ring. I'm excited for the world to know The Bellas. We made history. Being WWE's first-ever Diva twins is very exciting," said Nikki, with a smile.

Moments after being discovered the crowd erupted in cheers, as Brie and Nikki waited for the right time to use an array of moves to take out Victoria and Natalya.

"When we were finally caught, there was a bit of shock and awe for a few seconds and a stare down," Nikki recalled. "Brie and I gave each other that little wink which meant to clean house."

"We call that sisterly instincts," Brie interjected. "It was really cool and exciting to share that experience with Nikki."

For those in the WWE Universe who are curious as to what's next for the fabulous duo, Brie offered some insight.

"We want the WWE Universe to know that we are your twins. Now, we can show everyone what we're trained to do, and that's kick some Diva butt," expressed Brie. "I look forward to Nikki and I taking on Divas, whether we do it together or individually, and one of us winning the Divas Championship. No matter what, we'll root each other on."

Then, the sisters smiled and embraced. Will The Bellas continue to spice up SmackDown's Women's Division, or will Victoria and Natalya have a few tricks up their sleeves as well? Tune in to SmackDown Friday night on MyNetwork TV at 8/7 CT to find out.

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