Batista bites back

Fresh off his controversial victory at Cyber Sunday, King Booker -- the newly crowned Champion of Champions -- kicked off SmackDown from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

The King's revelry had just gotten underway when he was interrupted by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long. After praising the King's victory and the honor he brought SmackDown, Long informed the King that Batista would be granted a World Championship Title opportunity at Survivor Series as thanks for safeguarding the King last week. King Booker was enraged, but Long quickly put his fears to rest: "Now you may be the Champion of Champions, but at Survivor Series you may no longer be the World Champion. Right now you, King Booker are going to put that world title on the line. Your opponent is Bobby Lashley!" At the end of a brutal match-up between the two titans, Queen Sharmell interfered to help the King pin the powerful Lashley and retain his title. In less than three weeks, Survivor Series will pit the mighty King against his former one-night protector, Batista.

The main event saw Batista take on Finlay, the very man who has consistently prevented the Animal from winning back the World Heavyweight Championship. As the heated rivalry between the two brawlers continued, the Man Who Loves to Fight relentlessly targeted Batista's injured knee. Despite interference from King Booker and a shillelagh-wielding Little Bastard, Batista finished Finlay off with a powerful spine-buster to claim the win. With Batista and King Booker both conquering formidable opponents this week, their meeting at Survivor Series is sure to be nothing short of explosive.

Mr. Kennedy, the self-proclaimed "future of sports-entertainment" boldly called out Undertaker to find out if the Deadman would accept his Survivor Series challenge. In a startling show of aggression, the brazen Kennedy dared to blindside Undertaker with a steel microphone leaving him bloodied and beaten. Although there are many mysteries surrounding the Phenom, the fate of the rare few who have dared to rise up against him has been shockingly clear.          

In other SmackDown action, Matt Hardy teamed with Jimmy Wang Yang to defeat Gregory Helms and Sylvan. The current United States Champion Chris Benoit defeated K.C. James in a non-title match, and the Boogeyman crawled out of the Bottomless Pit to a quick win over T.J. Dalton.  

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