Surgery a success

This Wednesday in San Diego, SmackDown Superstar Rey Mysterio underwent an intense surgical procedure to repair his ACL in his left leg. spoke to Mysterio's surgeon Dr. David Chao who said the surgery was a success.

"[Rey had] a fair amount of damage in his knee because of all his previous injuries," explained Chao. "There was cartilage damage and meniscus damage that we smoothed and cleaned but there were no complications. It's quite a feat that he was still wrestling especially being as acrobatic as he is."

According to Mysterio's surgeon, the former World Champion's demeanor was positive heading into the procedure and even higher in spirits heading out. Chao said the surgery lasted about an hour-and-a-half, which was remarkably shorter than expected.

"At this point, we're anticipating that Rey will certainly be able to return to [WWE]," Chao stated.

Chao's immediate prognosis is that Mysterio will make it back to the ring in four to six months, if not sooner. He also spoke to whether he believed the master of the 619 would ever be the swift high-flyer ever again.

"It's not the flying around I'm worried about, it's the landing," Chao laughed. "I think that Rey will do very, very well," he affirmed.


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