Former World Champion Rey Mysterio will undergo extensive surgery today to repair the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and torn patella tendon in his left knee. Competing on this injury for months, the final straw for Mysterio's knee came at the hands of a steel chair-wielding Chavo Guerrero several weeks ago on SmackDown.

According to WWE physician Dr. Ferdinand Rios, Mysterio is expected to be out of action for approximately six to eight months following his procedure and will need at least three months of intense physical therapy. Despite the damage done to Rey's knee, Rios was still positive in his prognosis of Mysterio's full recovery.

Admittedly uneasy about the three to six hours of surgery he will undergo, Mysterio explained the nature of his injury to WWE.com.

 "I'm a little worried," explained the SmackDown Superstar, "I just wish this didn't happen. An ACL tear is probably one of the worst injuries within all of sports and sports-entertainment." He continued, "Right now, my knee has no stability and I'm going to go through the worst pain in the world. I wouldn't even wish this on my worst enemy."

Despite the pain he feels now and the pain he anticipates experiencing after surgery, Mysterio told WWE.com that he intends on accelerating his rehabilitation and getting back to the ring.

"I'm going to work so hard on my rehab," Mysterio said, "getting my leg back to normal, and regaining my strength and building up my muscle. I want [my rehab] to go less than what doctor says. I'm going to push real hard to come back as early as possible."

"I'm not leaving," Mysterio promised the WWE fans. "I'll be back."


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