Challenging the Deadman

In a shocking announcement, the brash Mr. Kennedy told today that he has challenged Undertaker to a match at Survivor Series. According to Kennedy, Undertaker is ruining his life and he wants to stop the trouble once and for all. The Deadman is aware of the challenge, and sources tell that he will address the issue this Friday night on SmackDown.

To his credit, Kennedy has had his share of trouble with the Deadman in recent months. When Kennedy claimed that he was too good for SmackDown and had beaten everyone, General Manager Theodore Long made a match for him against Undertaker at No Mercy. Kennedy was victorious by disqualification at No Mercy, but the Deadman left him beaten in the ring after a vicious Tombstone Piledriver.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Days later, while Kennedy was defending the United States Championship against Chris Benoit on Friday Night SmackDown, Undertaker’s signature gong was heard. This flustered Kennedy and distracted him long enough for Benoit to capitalize and defeat Kennedy for the gold.

After another altercation and some chicanery involving Montel Vontavious Porter, a match was made pitting Kennedy & MVP against Undertaker and his brother, Kane. This time, the Deadman got his revenge on Kennedy; after trying to get counted out and disqualified during the match, the brash Superstar fell victim to another Tombstone, one that gave the reunited brothers a victory.

So what will the Deadman have to say about Mr. Kennedy’s latest challenge? Survivor Series will mark the beginning of Undertaker’s 17th year of WWE dominance; will he celebrate his anniversary with another battle against the brash youngster from Green Bay? 

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