A Major showing for Brett & Brian

A Major showing for Brett & Brian
In a relatively short time in WWE, the Major Brothers have shown that they are ready to step up to the next level of SmackDown's tag team division. On SmackDown last Friday, Brett & Brian won a 10-Man Battle Royal to earn their very first opportunity at tag gold, then delivered a tremendous -- though losing effort -- against the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions, Matt Hardy & MVP. Although the outcome of the match was disappointing for Brett & Brian, they insist the entire night was a message for all of SmackDown: That the Major Brothers have arrived.

"It was a huge opportunity, and we took full advantage of it," said Brian. "We were in the Battle Royal to win it and we went all the way. Then we shifted our minds toward the titles."

"We defeated four of the top tag teams in WWE, but the real test was going up against Matt Hardy & MVP," added Brett. "We may have lost the match, but it won't be our last opportunity [at the WWE Tag Team Titles]. Brian and I know what we have to do -- train harder, get better and come back even stronger next time. If we get another chance, we will be on top of our game."

Facing SmackDown's odd couple is a test for any opponent in WWE, but for the Major Brothers, it was truly a unique experience. "Matt Hardy & MVP are so unorthodox; you can't prepare for them as a team, because you're never sure how they're getting along," said Brian. "Stepping into the ring against Matt was an accomplishment in its own; he's someone we always looked up to. I think that regardless of the outcome of our match with them, it was a great night for us. We showed our fans what we are all about, and I hope people now look at us and say, ‘The Major Brothers are a force to be reckoned with.'"

The brothers have vowed to not let this loss keep them down for long. They firmly believe that Friday night's performance has proved the young up-and-coming Superstars are ready for the next step in their careers, and they're determined to continue making waves in the SmackDown pool.

"We know that you get better in this business every day, that it doesn't come overnight. We are just going to keep pecking away and making small accomplishments until we get better," said Brian. "Now we have to set our sights on the gold."

Brett thinks that not only are the WWE Tag Team Titles ready for the taking now, but that having Brian by his side is his best chance of winning them. "We were born as a team," he said, "and we will die as one."

As for the current champions, Brett has a simple message for Matt Hardy & MVP: "Fight with each other, keep bickering over who is the better athlete. We'll be ready when the time is right to take the gold."

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