Golden battle

Golden battle

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- On SmackDown Friday night, Brett & Brian Major prevailed in a spectacular 10-Man Battle Royal, earning a title opportunity that same night against WWE Tag Team Champions Matt Hardy & MVP. However, while blood may be thicker than water and the brothers put forth a tremendous effort in the tag contest, they'd ultimately fall short of defeating the most functional dysfunctional tag team in WWE.

In addition to the Major Brothers, the teams of Jesse & Festus, Deuce & Domino, Drew McIntyre & Dave Taylor and Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore all stepped into the ring with hopes of eliminating the competition and getting an opportunity at tag gold. When the match came down to the boys from the Other Side of the Tracks and the Majors, Deuce & Domino seemed perfectly poised to gain a chance at the gold they lost months ago. Yet their literal momentum would cost them that opportunity moments later, when Brett pulled down the top rope and sent both charging bruisers all the way to the outside floor.

As much as the brothers were united for Friday's tag title contest, Matt Hardy & MVP seemed even further apart than usual. The tension between the champions has escalated ever since it was announced that MVP and Hardy will stand on opposing teams in a Traditional Elimination Match at Survivor Series. The strain of that upcoming confrontation became even more evident Friday night when Matt returned from injury to help the Franchise Playa defend the titles against the Majors. Instead, the duo constantly argued between themselves, and their in-ring fluidity suffered for it.

The Major Brothers looked to capitalize on the opening left by the tag champs' widening rift, and gave it their all with the gold on the line. But the U.S. Champion, intent on not losing his tag team bling, put Brett & Brian's dreams to rest when he tagged himself into the match and found a way to seal the victory for himself and Hardy.

With the win, the self-proclaimed "Team Captain" and Matt Hardy remain WWE Tag Team Champions going into Survivor Series. But what will happen if SmackDown's odd couple must oppose each other in the ring a week from Sunday? And how will the loss in their first title fight affect the young upstart Major Brothers? Will the duo be able to bounce back and stay in the hunt for the gold, or will their defeat at the hands of MVP & Matt Hardy have negative repercussions as their careers blossom?

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