Hollywood Blockbuster

Melina wasn't going to let MNM be humiliated on their home turf — no matter what it took to win on Friday night. 

MNM couldn't wait to bring their gold back to Hollywood and show off in from of the A-List crowd. But they got more than they bargained for when SmackDown General Manger Theodore Long placed them in a WWE Tag Team Championship Match against Batista & Eddie Guerrero.

When Batista grabbed the early advantage, Melina provided repeated distractions until the tide turned. When Guerrero showed some Latino HEAT by bringing two foreign objects into the ring, Melina grabbed the hammer that would have ended up ringing MNM's bell. Then, when Batista dropped both opponents and Eddie looked to hit the frog splash, Melina jumped in the way … and handed brass knuckles to Joey Mercury in the process. With no other target, Guerrero hit the frog splash on Melina. But by this time Mercury had the knucks in place, blasted Eddie and rolled him up for the win.

After the match, Batista hovered over his fallen partner, trying to figure out what happened. MNM made a quick exit with their belts raised high.

It's another Legend "killed" for Randy Orton. It was supposed to be a one-on-one battle with much history as Cowboy Bob Orton faced Rowdy Roddy Piper. Late in the match, Cowboy Bob appeared to hoist Piper to attempt his patented superplex, but The Rowdy One slid out the back door and cinched in the sleeper hold. Just when it looked like Cowboy Bob would submit, son Randy rushed the ring and broke it up, causing the disqualification. Randy battered Piper with forearms and European uppercuts. He then hit the RKO as "The Legend Killer" struck again.

Lately, SmackDown has been taking it to the RAW brand. At the Nov. 27 pay-per-view, all differences will be settled in a Classic Survivor Series Elimination Match. RAW General Manger Eric Bischoff appeared on SmackDown to issue the challenge, which Mr. Long promptly accepted. But then SmackDown's GM went one step further, challenging Bischoff to a one-on-one match at Survivor Series. He then mocked the karate black belt and kicked him out of the building.

Earlier, the team that made SmackDown proud at Taboo Tuesday continued their incredibly impressive roll. No. 1 Taboo Tuesday vote-getter Matt Hardy and partner Rey Mysterio beat JBL & Christian with duel finishers. While JBL walked, Christian absorbed a 619 and Twist of Fate and then was pinned. The match also featured Hardcore Holly as guest referee to showcase all five Superstars involved in the Taboo Tuesday voting. And when Christian attacked Holly, the special guest ref responded by hitting the Alabama Slam. That set the events in motion that led to the victory.

Meanwhile, Booker T and Sharmell revealed that they were working together all along to ensure that Booker would be the next United States Champion. In response, Theodore Long made an impromptu rematch between Booker and Chris Benoit. But after barely escaping the Crippler Crossface, Booker decided to take an intentional count-out to protect his United States Championship. A furious Benoit screamed, "Be a man!" But Booker and Sharmell just laughed and left.

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