Controlled Chaos?

With two days until Cyber Sunday, the last stop before the interactive WWE pay- per- view was SmackDown from Milwaukee. World Heavyweight Champion King Booker, scheduled to take part in the Champion of Champions match, was given the night off from competition, and protection for the night.

Rumors had been swirling all week on that RAW Superstars and ECW Extremists were gunning to take out King Booker before Cyber Sunday, and General Manager Theodore Long aimed to keep the champion safe, and the title securely on SmackDown. Batista was enlisted to protect his rival, and the Animal delivered, knowing that if the title leaves SmackDown, so does his opportunity at the World Championship. The reported rumors were true and RAW's Cade & Murdoch and ECW's Mike Knox & Rene Dupree attacked, but were fought off by Batista. The Animal, having just aided King Booker, returned to the arena with his adrenaline pumping, and called out Finlay; a monstrous brawl ensued, and the two men had to be separated by security. Next week on SmackDown, the hatred between these two men will be settled in the ring. (Watch)

Also reported on this week, sources close to Rey Mysterio claimed he would come to SmackDown to announce his retirement. Rey Mysterio came to SmackDown, but not to retire. He talked about next week's scheduled knee surgery and the reasons he uttered "I quit." After a heartfelt speech where Mysterio told SmackDown fans that "I quit with the hopes of fighting again" and "we together are going to climb that mountain again;" Chavo and Vickie Guerrero made their way out to confront Rey. They continued to taunt him, and Mysterio was left to defend himself. After hearing enough, Rey swung his crutch, only to have Chavo viciously attack his knee with the same chair Guerrero used two weeks ago to injure him. (Watch) Chris Benoit, who has been in search of answers from the Guerreros, came down to chase off Chavo and Vickie to help his friend Rey. Will Benoit ever get his questions answered by the Guerreros?

General Manager Theodore Long continued his fan friendly approach when he reunited Kane and Undertaker for the first time in five years against the team of Montel Vontavious Porter and Mr. Kennedy, who had no desire to face the Brothers of Destruction. M.V.P. and Kennedy did all they could to avoid the confrontation, purposely getting counted out to lose the match. After Theodore Long restarted the match with no countouts, the talented yet young team of M.V.P and Kennedy were disqualified. Theodore Long returned to the arena and told the fans there would be a winner in the match, and he ordered a No Disqualification stipulation. Seizing the opportunity, Kane and Undertaker, who seemed to be playing the old game "can you top this", finished off M.V.P. and Mr. Kennedy and left the arena together. (Watch)

In other action, Gregory Helms defeated Jimmy Wang Yang. SmackDown's resident Redneck, Yang has a new companion in 2006 Diva search finalist Amy. Yang had the match won, but Sylvan helped Cruiserweight champion Helms retain his title. After the match, Sylvan & Helms beat on Yang until Matt Hardy came to Yang's aid.  Helms and Hardy continue to find themselves in each others way, and Sylvan once again became involved in Yang's affairs.

The Miz & Kristal stole a victory from Vito & Layla, but their post match celebration was cut short by the Boogeyman. Miz ran away, his undefeated streak intact, and Kristal was sacrificed once again to the Boogeyman, receiving a mouthful of worms.

Kendrick & London defeated K.C. James & Idol Stevens, and after the match Ashley planted a kiss on Brian Kendrick, who seems smitten with the Diva.

Finally, Lashley overpowered Jamie Noble for a victory, but Tatanka delivered a powerful message to all WWE Fans. Tatanka offered no apologies for his actions last week saying that he was the "victim of many injustices, just like my people." Tatanka also went on to say that the spirits of his ancestors have awakened a "vengeful warrior," and that anyone who stands in his way will pay. (Watch) What does this mean for the Superstars of SmackDown? 

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