Coup against the kingdom

With the pressure building for their respective champions heading into Cyber Sunday, Theodore Long, Paul Heyman and Jonathan Coachman have been wrought with anxiety. Just days before the historic Champion of Champions Match on Sunday, tensions are high, and rumors that ECW and RAW Superstars might show up on this week's SmackDown were circulating throughout the locker rooms of all three brands.

Would this brand-wide anxiety result in a contingency plan that targets World Heavyweight Champion King Booker? SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long said he is prepared for anything before the Champion of Champions Match.

"We all know about ECW and RAW," Long told, "you never know what may happen when dealing with the likes of Paul Heyman and Jonathan Coachman. I'm not taking any chances."

Long added that he wants to see SmackDown's king become the absolute undeniable Champion of Champions. In order to see this plan come to fruition, Long said that he was considering finding someone to watch the World Heavyweight Champion's back.

"I don't want to reveal any plans that I have," Long said. "I don't want anything to leak out where the guys are one step ahead of me. But, I will guarantee you this: I will protect the World Heavyweight Championship. And I will protect King Booker."

Following the merciless FU he received from the Dr. of Thuganomics on RAW, Jonathan Coachman may be sore, but is still intent on keeping the WWE Championship on Cena this Sunday.

"I've never seen eye-to-eye with John Cena," said the RAW Executive Assistant, "but this is about more than one man, more than me, more than Cena -- it's about the RAW brand. It's about protecting the integrity of RAW and the integrity of the WWE Championship."

Coachman admitted that he is experiencing a lot of unease in anticipation of the main event at the most interactive pay-per-view in WWE history. He did not, however, admit that there was any truth to the buzz about a potential SmackDown invasion.

"I never buy into rumors," insisted Coachman. "I don't buy into things that people say, just the things that I control and have control over. If RAW Superstars show up on SmackDown, know that I had nothing to do with it. However, I'm not saying it can't or won't happen."

He continued, "I don't want to see the fans vote for the WWE Championship to be defended by Cena at Cyber Sunday. If that happens and for some reason, Cena loses the Champion of Champions Match, where does that leave RAW?"

Equally distressed is ECW's self-touted "Messiah" Paul Heyman who claimed that he'd go to any extent to protect the ECW World Title going into Cyber Sunday.

"I've always been protective of my champion -- why wouldn't I be?!" exclaimed a frantic Heyman. "I am the Messiah of this entire industry whose concepts led to the entire boom period of the late 1990s and have carried the industry into 2006 and beyond."

According to Heyman, the sole representation of such revolutionary concepts is the ECW World Title itself, carried by the Extreme Giant. In the hands of the WWE fans, that symbol could be at stake on Sunday in Cincinnati.

"People are saying I'm paranoid," Heyman claimed, "it's not that I'm paranoid, it's just that the whole world is against us because they know how dominant Big Show is."

Without taking a single breath, Heyman carried on desperately, "They know that Big Show is not only the most dominant giant in the history of this business, but also the most dominant champion in the history of ECW, and I don't know why I'm spending time talking when I should plotting to find a way to keep the title on Big Show!"

Exactly what would Heyman's plot entail? Would SmackDown be taken to the extreme? Would SmackDown's King be the victim of a RAW assault?

Which champion's gold will be at stake at Cyber Sunday? Who will be the undisputed Champion of Champions?

Tune in to Friday Night SmackDown at 8/7 CT on the CW Network to find out.


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