A challenging week

A challenging week

UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- After three consecutive weeks of facing the biggest Superstars on SmackDown in The Great Khali, Undertaker and World Heavyweight Champion Batista, Jamie Noble finally got to pick on someone closer to his own size -- Rey Mysterio. Actually, that was only made possible by Acting SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero, who has "tormented" Noble by putting him in the ring with giants. This week, Noble thought Guerrero had taken mercy on him and he looked to get back on the winning track.

However, Mysterio had a plan all his own. With Rey's rival, Finlay, observing things from ringside, the high-flying Master of the 619 defeated Noble. Next week, in a Cyber Sunday rematch, Mysterio will take flight once more when he faces the Irishman in what has become one of WWE's hottest rivalries. Watch Finlay challenge Mysterio...

Pint-sized power

Last Monday on Raw, Jonathan Coachman was once again embarrassed at the hands of Hornswoggle, this time with Mick Foley as the special guest referee. Coach demanded a match in Foley's home of Long Island, and when "Mr. McMahon" was announced as a guest referee, Coachman thought he had the upper hand. To Coach's chagrin, Vincent Kennedy was not the McMahon in his match -- it was Hornswoggle. Displaying some of the "hate" that his dear old dad advised him to embrace on Raw, the leprechaun helped Mrs. Foley's baby boy defeat Coachman. Is this the side of Hornswoggle that the Chairman wants to see or is the little guy bucking the McMahon way in favor of his own? Watch Foley vs. Coachman...

Gravy train

Festus has been a force in the tag team division since debuting with his partner Jesse, but on SmackDown he was in singles action against Domino. When the match began, the normally benign Festus transformed and became a Superstar possessed, defeating Domino as Jesse made sure Deuce didn't interfere. With the loss to the red-hot "Biscuits ‘n' Gravy" big man, the boys from the Other Side of the Tracks continued to falter without the gold around their waists.

Back on the road again

After suffering his first SmackDown loss a few weeks ago, Chuck Palumbo returned to his winning ways when he defeated Kenny Dykstra. The revved-up Superstar's rivalry with the ever-game Dykstra has yet to see the self-proclaimed future Hall of Famer create any speed bumps. But will Palumbo continue to ride the open road to victory on SmackDown?

Worlds collide

MVP's on-again, off-again relationship with his fellow WWE Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy appeared off again when Matt informed him that he would face longtime nemesis Kane on SmackDown. The Big Red Monster made sure that the Franchise Playa wouldn't find a way to escape his wrath, as he did at Cyber Sunday, by overpowering and defeating the United States Champion in non-title action. Kane had little time to savor his victory as he was attacked by Big Daddy V, who left the Big Red Monster down in the center of the ring. Read the full story…

Of gods and "Gods"

World Heavyweight Champion Batista told our fans his victory over Undertaker at Cyber Sunday left the two titans even in their epic series of matches. The Animal then offered The Phenom another match at Survivor Series, and Undertaker agreed. But The Deadman added a stipulation -- his rematch with Batista would be Hell in a Cell. Later that night, Batista & Undertaker teamed up to take on the super-sized tandem of The Great Khali & Mark Henry in a match that shocked our fans in Long Island. Read the full story…

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