A Major homecoming

A Major homecoming

As WWE toured the New York City area this week, two of SmackDown's brightest young talents, the Major Brothers, were happy to be back to where their love and passion for sports-entertainment began -- their home of Long Island.

"It was a surreal experience," said Brian Major. "We had a lot of family out there as well as tons of our friends. It is just a blast to perform in front of them. They get to see us on TV all the time, but for them to see us live is much different. We appreciate them being here so much, it's just awesome."

For Brett Major, putting on the tights and walking through the curtain in his hometown is the culmination of a lifelong dream, one he shared with his brother.

"I can't even count how many times we have been in this building," said Brett. "For live events, pay-per-views, you name a show and we were in the arena. We walked out there and it was just a rush."

Brian recalls how he and Brett found their passion for sports-entertainment. "As little kids we used to say, ‘Oh we are going to wrestle here,' and we followed those wishes and actually are doing it."

"Not many people can say they have lived out their dream, this is just the beginning," Brett explained. "It is one thing to grow up and say you are going to be a professional wrestler, and then to pursue it and to do it. We want to be the top tag team in WWE."

The journey to the top of the tag ranks has begun for the Major Brothers, who believe that performing in their hometown is the jumpstart they needed. "Being out there, I think I gave even more than usual," said Brian. "I always give my all, but it was special because I knew my mother was out there watching me."

Brett's thoughts echoed his brother. "We could see everyone from the ring -- all of our friends and family. It was completely unreal. Having our fans behind us, being announced as Long Island's own, it's just incredible to hear that kind of response," he said. "I used to sleep out to get tickets to these events. I would wait in a tent for tickets. It still hasn't sunk in that I am doing this -- I don't think it ever will."

As for their favorite moment from their days of attending events in Long Island, both Majors' look to a specific night in Nassau Coliseum. "Personal favorite moment would be Shawn Michaels' return," Brian stated. "I admittedly was rooting for Triple H, but it was amazing. That moment of Shawn coming back after four years, after thinking he was never coming back, that moment was awesome."

Brett agreed wholeheartedly. "I was fifth row, dressed as Shawn Michaels with the zebra hat and I was on camera the entire night he came back," he recalled. "You come to the shows to do things like that. To let loose and have fun and to let the wrestlers entertain you. And now we have our chance to do that."

A chance neither Brian nor Brett will let slip away. After feeling the love of the people in Long Island this past week, the Major Brothers are putting the tag division on notice. The Major Brothers are a force and they will not stop until they have shown our fans and the locker room that this is more than a dream, this is real.

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