The gates have opened

The gates have opened

UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- Unable to compete on SmackDown because of the injury to his head, WWE Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy made sure that he kept his "friend" and fellow champion MVP warmed up for the next time they team together. Matt informed his cocky partner that he would compete in one-on-one action against Kane -- the one man who seems to have the Ballin' Superstar's number in the ring.

The United States Champion MVP unenthusiastically made his way to the ring for the non-title contest against the man who set him on fire last December at Armageddon, while the Big Red Machine waited to gain revenge from Cyber Sunday. At the interactive pay-per-view, MVP slithered his way out of the ring and lost the match by count-out, keeping his bling secure but igniting the fires of Kane's anger.

On SmackDown, however, MVP couldn't run from Kane. The Big Red Monster physically dominated his reluctant opponent. As Kane chokeslammed the Franchise Playa to get the victory, the presence of an even bigger Superstar was unmistakable as Kane's newest rival, Big Daddy V, made his way into Nassau Coliseum and headed for the Big Red Monster.

The two behemoths have clashed over recent weeks as part of the working partnership between SmackDown's Acting General Manager Vickie Guerrero and ECW's GM Armando Estrada. After neither was able to win the Monster Mash Battle Royal this past Tuesday on ECW on Sci Fi, their worlds collided once more as The Dominating Force in WWE viciously attacked Kane, leaving the Big Red Monster down in the center of the ring. As the partnership between SmackDown and ECW continues, the gates of hell have opened for Kane, who now has to watch his back at all times for the gigantic shadow of Big Daddy V.

But that also means that The Dominating Force in WWE will have to prepare himself to face the same reality MVP faced on SmackDown: If you anger Kane, you will have nowhere to run from the sadistic, pain-inflicting Big Red Machine. The warning for Big Daddy V is simple: If you play with fire, you will get burned. MVP found that out once again on SmackDown. And if The Dominating Force in WWE ignores the past, he is doomed to repeat it. Maybe Big Daddy V should take a lesson from his associate Matt Striker; he knows a thing or two about history.

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