Five for fighting?

Five for fighting?

Five. It's a nice, round number, half of the base 10 we all know and love. It's the number of fingers on a hand, toes on a foot, and the maximum number of games in first round of the MLB playoffs. It's the number worn by legendary New York Yankee and Baseball Hall of Famer Joe DiMaggio, and the number of Super Bowl Championships won by three of the most successful NFL franchises -- the 49ers, Cowboys and Steelers.

But in regards to the story of Batista vs. Undertaker, isĀ five a number that you, the fans, want to see? Beginning at WrestleMania 23, the two behemoths have done battle four times in 2007; with The Animal finally getting on the board at Cyber Sunday, the battle stands at one win apiece with two draws. After witnessing Batista retain the World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday night, many fans in Washington, D.C., had mixed opinions about whether or not the saga needs a fifth chapter.

"They need a rubber match!" exclaimed Elliott Stapes, who traveled from nearby Ashburn, Va., to witness Batista vs. Undertaker IV. "I don't care how many times they need to go one-on-one; each of them has one win, and they need to settle the score."

StapesĀ also admitted that he was a huge Undertaker fan, which may have influenced his thoughts. However, Batista is just as much of a fan favorite, and a pair of The Animal's fans from his hometown felt the same way as Stapes.

"Why not have them fight again?" asked D.C. native Marcus Patterson. "Batista won this time, he can do it again. He's The Animal baby! The Deadman will go down again!"

Added brother Rodney, "Yeah, maybe they can have like a Casket Match or something to prove Batista isn't scared of Undertaker!"

The last two times Batista and Undertaker met in any sort of Specialty Match, the bout ended with an inconclusive finish, as the patriarch of the Patterson clan reminded his sons.

"Hey, nobody won the Last Man Standing Match at Backlash and they tied in the Steel Cage Match," father James Patterson recalled, "so that's fine, because if nobody wins then Batista doesn't lose the gold!"

While many fans polled at Cyber Sunday believe this rivalry needs to continue, there are those that feel it has finally been buried for good.

"Of course everyone wants to be World Heavyweight Champion, but now that Batista finally beat Undertaker, I don't think he needs to prove anything else against The Deadman," said Evan Connell. "Besides, those two guys are my favorite Superstars, and when they go at it, I don't know who to root for! I'd rather see Undertaker & Kane go after the WWE Tag Team Title; they beat MVP & Matt Hardy not too long ago, and they'd be unstoppable as champs!"

Connell did bring up a good point: It is every Superstar's goal to become World Heavyweight Champion. Undertaker knows that feeling, but had the gold wrongly taken from him six months ago; even with this first loss to Batista, will The Phenom continue to pursue the title? Is the issue over?

Perhaps neither man, nor even Acting General Manager Vickie Guerrero, quite knows for sure.

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